Adin Ross wants to squash the beef with Ethan Klein “off camera”

ethan klein adin rossEthan Klein/Adin Ross

Twitch star Adin Ross reached out to Ethan Klein and wants to squash their beef, and even challenged him to a weight loss competition.

Ethan Klein and Adin Ross did not get off on the right foot entering 2023. The pair of social media stars went at each other’s throats after Ross slammed Klein as a “fat f**k” during a recent Twitch broadcast.

Klein hit back, pointing to Ross’ deep ties to Andrew Tate after the 22-year-old shaved his head after Tate was arrested.

Now, however, the pair’s relationship seems to be on the mend after Ross responded to Klein’s video on the matter.

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Ethan Klein and Adin Ross call for a truce

On January 10, Ethan uploaded a video to his personal channel where he reacted to Ross watching his video on his stream.

In the video, Adin admits that calling Ethan “fat” is “like that one Spider-Man meme where he points his finger.”

Ross continued, ” I challenge you to a weight loss journey. Let’s both see what we can do, let’s get in the gym. Let’s motivate each other by losing weight.”

Klein responded by saying that he’s “totally down” and “loves” the idea of a weight loss journey with Adin in 2023. Although Ethan admits Adin will be at a disadvantage in the challenge as Klein currently weighs significantly more than him, giving him more available pounds to shed.

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Later in the video, Adin claims that he wants to squash the beef in person with Ethan.

“We just gotta link up, bro. No weird s**t, I just wanna link up and give you a hug. We can sit down and talk. Cameras off and everything. At the end of the day, you’re Jewish and I’m Jewish, bro.”

The 37-year-old podcaster was more than happy to settle their differences and said, “Hell yeah, bro.”

It looks like 2023 will be the year the pair of streamers finally settle their differences, and maybe even document their weight loss journeys in the process.

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