Adin Ross defends “favorite rapper” Tory Lanez despite Megan Thee Stallion shooting verdict

adin rossYouTube: FULL SEND PODCAST

Adin Ross has publicly defended Tory Lanez’s character, claiming the popular musician and he are best of buds and he will always be Ross’ “favorite rapper.”

Tory Lanez has been under fire for a continued investigation and court case regarding the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. For those unaware, Tory Lanez supposedly shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot in 2020, but the female artist was afraid of speaking out for a myriad of different reasons.

According to BBC news, Los Angeles Police “told a judge Megan demanded to be let out of the car and heard Tory shouting at her to dance.” The officer then told the judge that Tory Lanez opened fire on Dee Stallion with a handgun, a story which follows Megan Dee Stallion’s own testimony as well.

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At the tail end of 2022, the legal battle finally concluded, with the Los Angeles jury charging Tory Lanez with three felonies for the shoting.

Despite the shocking news, Adin Ross publicly defended Tory Lanez’s character on the Full Send Podcast on January 6 — but he didn’t necessarily argue whether Lanez was innocent or not. Instead, Adin Ross essentially praised the rapper’s “great” and “genuine” personality.

Adin Ross recounted having Tory Lanez on his stream. “That was the greatest freestyle that’s ever been done on my stream. His freestyle went super viral.”

“Yeah, he’s always my favorite rapper. I shot a video with him in like 2018, before any of this sh*t, […] he’s f**king great.”

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Ross then continued to praise the rapper’s personality, boasting of the supposedly genuine friendship he shares with him.

“I am extremely close with Tory, like it’s crazy bro. When I was getting swatted and all this crazy shit was happening, Tory would text me every time it happened, like ‘you good? Get out of LA, come to Miami, pull up on me.’ Just sh*t like that, he’s genuine as f**k. I would spend hours on the phone with him, he’d just genuinely f**k with me.”

Throughout their conversation discussing Tory Lanez, the podcasters didn’t explicitly cover the shooting. But one thing is clear: Adin Ross clearly likes Tory Lanez.

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