Adin Ross reveals why he wants to leave LA Clout House amid Ricegum drama

. 1 year ago
Ricegum and Adin Ross beef
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Adin Ross has explained why he wants to leave the LA Clout House he shares with influencers such as Brian ‘RiceGum’ Le, FaZe Banks, Mike Majlak and more amid ongoing drama with Rice.

Earlier in 2021, Adin moved from Florida to Los Angeles to live with a huge group of influencers, and his stream has grown exponentially since then. He’s worked with some huge rappers and influencers and has become one of the biggest names on Twitch.

While RiceGum doesn’t have the same YouTube audience he did just a few short years ago, his own stream is very successful in its own right too, regularly streaming to tens of thousands of viewers.

Throughout 2021, though, he has been on/off beefing with huge English YouTuber KSI, with KSI now responding after Rice mocked his relationship and growing music career.

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Adin has become huge on Twitch.

Now, Adin is saying once again that he wants to get out of Los Angeles, and it could be spurred on due to his indirect involvement in the KSI vs RiceGum beef.

After watching KSI’s video on the matter, Adin reacted and tried to stay neutral despite his close relationship with Rice, who he describes as his “brother.”

Rice, though, believes that Adin was being defensive of KSI. “You’re not going to believe what this motherf**ker Rice told me two hours ago bro,” Adin said. “This dude genuinely looked me in my eye and said… He thinks I defended KSI! I never defended him, I stayed in my own lane!”

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For that reason, Adin says, he wants to leave the house. He clarifies that he loves everyone who lives there, including Rice, but the above appears to have really put him out. Not only that, but he says RiceGum threatened to do a hot tub stream with Corinna Kopf, similar to how Adin popped off towards the end of 2020.

Adin explains this wouldn’t bother him if it happened, but “this motherf**ker tried to make me mad or upset about it.”

There is clearly some bad blood between these two, despite their close relationship, and it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. Adin has never made it a secret that he would prefer to still live in Florida, but it seems to be heating up now — and could see him leaving LA before long.

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