A Fortnite Love Story – Girl Wins Prom Date With TSM Myth After Hitting Retweet Target

Calum Patterson

Way back in February, we reported on the girl who was set a target of 15,000 retweets in order to take TSM’s Myth on a prom date – and yesterday that prom day came.

The girl, Tori Pareno is also a regular streamer herself, and obviously inspired by Myth’s rise to become of the most popular Fortnite streamer, took her shot.

With a little help from the Fortnite community of Twitter, Pareno eventually hit the target of 15,000 retweets, now sitting at around 17,000.

And Myth was true to his word, with his move to the Team SoloMid Fortnite team house in California conveniently matching up with the date of the prom.

Myth of course is recruited to TSM’s professional Fortnite roster, and the team, which also features other top streamers Daequan and Hamlinz, now live, stream and make videos together in the new house.

They will of course be competing in upcoming tournaments, but as of right now Fortnite esports is yet to be fully established.

Myth, real name Ali Kabbani, clearly enjoyed himself at the prom date, likely the star of the show.

So there you have it, the power of Twitter and the Fortnite community pulled off the challenge made famous chicken nugget man (who you may remember managed over 3 million retweets for a year’s supply of chicken nuggets).

We’re not sure if this is where the relationship ends for Myth and Tori, but at least Tori got the special prom she was hoping for, certainly one to remember, and it will help her grow her own Twitch channel too.

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