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21 Savage is actually British and the internet can’t believe it

Published: 3/Feb/2019 22:31 Updated: 3/Feb/2019 23:21

by Vincent Genova


Rapper 21 Savage was detained by ICE on allegations of overstaying his visa, claiming he is originally from the United Kingdom.

21 Savage was believed to be from Atlanta, Georgia and is an influential member of the community, joining a long line of hip hop artists from the Atlanta area.


“We are working diligently to get [21 Savage] out of detention while we work with authorities to clear up any misunderstanding,” Savage’s lawyer told Variety when asked about the arrest.

Instead of focusing on the legal issues involved with an expired visa or the potentially unconstitutional behavior of ICE, the internet reacted in an expected way – creating 21 Savage British memes.


Below are the best reactions from people finding out 21 Savage is allegedly from the U.K, not Atlanta.

Twitter user Arrow discovered the real reason why 21 Savage has a 12 car garage, as he claimed in Post Malone’s song “Rockstar.”

Some users even found footage of Savage talking about what Americans believe is the only thing British people eat, tea and crumpets.


ICE claims 21 Savage entered the United States on a visa in 2005 and it expired a year later in 2006. Savage was arrested in 2014 on drug related charges, though his visa status was not a part of the case.


MattDoesFitness reveals the insane cost of his home gym renovation

Published: 8/Oct/2020 20:41

by Virginia Glaze


British fitness guru and social media influencer Matt ‘MattDoesFitness’ Morsia has completely transformed his home gym — but the cost of the renovations was nothing to sneeze at.

Morsia is one of the fitness community’s biggest internet stars; boasting over 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube and 898,000 followers on Instagram, his honest approach to fitness and crazy physical challenges have earned him as substantial audience.


Of course, it stands to reason that someone so dedicated to working out would have their own home gym (especially in a time where going to the gym could put one at risk) — but for Morsia, it’s more than just another room in his home.

For this influencer, the gym is his office, which he explained in the beginning of his video on the topic. He clarified that much of the equipment in his gym had been provided by his sponsors, and since it “directly contributes” to his salary, he chose only the most top-tier brands — something he claimed the average person does not need to do for their own home gym experience.


That being said, Matt went on to reveal the exact cost of the space, and it’s enough to make your jaw drop to the floor (or at least a fair wince).

As for the building itself, he spent a grand total of £34,000 (or $43,979), which isn’t actually part of his house. Instead, he commissioned the space to be completely “built from scratch” in the back garden — further compounding on its comparison to a true office space.


Combined with his equipment — the most expensive part of which was his £2,790 ($3,608) dual cable pulley — the entire gym ended up costing him £47,999 ($62,073). That’s nothing to sneeze at!

Morsia was quick to inform viewers that much of his equipment is no longer available for purchase due to the current global climate, and that other parts of the space — such as the bumper plates for his squat rack — were built by hand.

All in all, Morsia’s home gym is an impressive project that cost an equally impressive amount of cash, but when it’s your livelihood on the line, no price is too high for a quality workout.