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14-year-old streamer breaks down after raising thousands for charity

Published: 20/Aug/2019 0:04 Updated: 20/Aug/2019 1:46

by Brent Koepp


A 14-year old Twitch streamer was completely taken aback by the generosity of viewers and broke down after raising thousands of dollars for a children’s hospital in the UK during a 12-hour stream.

Streaming has allowed anyone from anywhere in the world to connect with thousands of viewers in real time. And sometimes the platform is used for genuine good, like what happened with a 14-year old streamer on August 19.

Twitch streamer ‘averageharrry’ was raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, a children’s hospital in the United Kingdom, and was left completely overwhelmed with emotions when viewers turned out in droves with donations.


Raising money for charity

The 14-year old had set a total of five thousand pounds as the number to reach, but didn’t expect to hit anywhere close to that. When asked if he would hit the number, he replied “that 5k, isn’t like a goal”.

“I just said that to see how much money…” he said before pausing as a viewer donated £1,000 to him, leaving him shocked. “Dude, maaan, fuck. Thank you so much!” the streamer said emotionally. 

The young streamer broke down into tears late into the 12-hour charity stream as he read off the total amount of money he had raised so far to his mother. “Four thousand, two hundred, and 88, we raised!” he exclaimed before crying with happiness.


He then got up to hug his mom as the moment was a lot to take in. “No mom, I’m good, honestly there is nothing wrong” he reassured her as he explained that he had just raised a lot of money for the hospital. 

Towards the end of the stream the 14-year old told his audience that it didn’t matter if they hit the goal. “Guys, it doesn’t matter…” he started to say when a donation interrupted him and pushed him past his goal. 

“I’ve hit 5k!” averageharrry exclaimed, throwing his hands over his head in shock.


At the time of this article, the total amount averageharrry raised for charity was £5,212.14, blowing past what he originally expected to make.

If you’d like to make a donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital, you can do so here.