Twitch streamers' celebration for first viewer turns to swift ban

by Alan Bernal


Twitch streamers are always eager to reach the next major milestone for their channels, but it looks like the celebrations were cut short after these broadcasters get their first viewer.


The popular streaming platform has been swiftly slamming the banhammer for infractions to their Community Guidelines or Terms of Service ranging from risque cosplay debuts to NSFW poolside channels.

While Twitch has dealt bans for questionable uses of derogatory words, it looks like the mod team got an easy case thrown their way when one party goer got vulgar when introducing his mates to the stream’s newcomer.


The streamers were quickly banned after the clip surfaced.

During their barbequing outing, friends were grouped while cooking when the stream’s handler ‘Razerkaz’ exclaimed in excitement when he saw someone stumbling to their channel, changing the viewer count from zero to one.

“Oh! We have one viewer!” the man can be heard saying. “I don’t know who. I don’t know how to check the viewer.”

It’s at this point that Razerkaz made the costly mistake of panning to his friend who was seemingly getting ready to introduce the various members of the group.

(Warning: clip contains NSFW language)


But he started out the presentation by dropping the n-word, to the surprise of the person holding the camera.

“Ay you can’t say the n-word,” the camera’s operator said. “You can’t say the n-word on stream!”

It looks like the warnings fell on deaf ears however, since the same friend rounded out the stream by repeating the same word after a brash “fuck you.”


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“I’m just an 18-year-old, I never expected this to happen in a single 17-second clip,” Razerkaz said in a follow up stream on his own channel. “... During the entire barbeque party I just decided to stream but my friend decided to say the n-word.”

He goes on to say that he didn’t expect the instance to “snowball” into a big situation “just for 17 seconds.” Razerkaz apologized for anyone that took offense to the word.


Razerkaz explained that his friend also meant no offense and said it was his “habit” to greet people like that.

The streamer condemned his friend’s remark as “indeed racist” and was overwhelmed with the “mess” the clip created.