Game-breaking Elden Ring jump exploit is making players invincible

Elden Ring Mohg, Lord of Blood Boss Elden Ring cutscene screenshot.FromSoftware

A new Elden Ring jump exploit has been discovered and is allowing players to hop outside the map. The glitch makes characters invincible to boss fights and is allowing some users to farm a million runes in seconds. 

Although Elden Ring’s open-world design gives players a flurry of options and accessibility, the FromSoftware RPG lives up to the Dark Souls legacy of being incredibly difficult. Those looking to get an advantage have leaned into bugs and glitches such as rune farming

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A new exploit has taken things to the next level, however, as fans have now uncovered a way to literally hop outside the map. The method allows characters to bypass boss fight doors and attack the gigantic monsters without taking any damage.

Elden Ring jump exploit by YouTuber JJ FLOPERz screenshot.FromSoftware / YouTube: JJ FLOPERz
The Elden Ring exploit allows you to jump outside the map.

Elden Ring jumping exploit breaks boss battles

The jumping glitch was first discovered by players exploring Mohgwyn Palace. Although technically a mid-story location, you can actually access it an hour into the game after completing the White-Faced Varre NPC’s side quest. For the steps to do that, check out our guide here.

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YouTuber ‘JJ FLOPERz‘ covered the exploit in his March upload and explained that players need to first fight Mohg, the Lord of Blood, and purposely die. “Once you respawn there will now be the yellow fog that blocks the entrance of the boss arena,” they explained. The channel then showed his character jumping on a set of tombstones outside of the boss arena, before revealing a new jump technique.

“You’re going to press jump and as you are mid-air you’re going to press the sprint button, but you’re going to hold sprint down. When you land, you’re now going to move forward while holding both spring and jump,” they continued. In the clip, the user shows how the trick allows his Elden Ring character to jump long distances and hop on top of the wall. Now outside the map, he is able to jump into the boss arena bypassing the yellow fog door, which makes him completely invincible to damage.

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Because players are not technically entering through the fog, the boss doesn’t register your character as being in the room. As a result, the giant enemy doesn’t even attack even after it’s been hit. Incredibly, Mohg, the Lord of Blood drops over 500k runes and can give you as much as 1 million if you use a Gold Scarab and Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot.

While the new jumping method has only been used on a few bosses so far, players are using the glitch to try to break other encounters. Only time will tell whether FromSoftware will eventually patch it out.

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