Simple Elden Ring exploit gives players thousands of runes in seconds

Elden Ring cutscene featuring Varre screenshot.FromSoftware

A new Elden Ring exploit has been discovered that gives players 11,000 runes in seconds. The game-breaking trick is allowing users to farm millions of experience points in under an hour. 

After years of anticipation, FromSoftware’s Elden Ring has finally arrived. Despite its open-world design and flurry of accessible options, the new RPG is lives up to Dark Souls’ legacy with its incredible difficulty.

Players looking to get an edge over the deadly bosses that inhabit the Lands Between have found an exploit to help them level up quickly. The method pays out as much as five million runes in just an hour.

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Elden Ring rune exploit killing bird enemy screenshot. FromSoftware / YouTube: Arekkz Gaming
Players are using an enemy exploit to get millions of runes an hour.

Elden Ring rune exploit is game-breaking

Although the exploit is technically a mid-game location, Elden Ring’s open-world design allows fans to find it as early as a few hours into the game. In order to gain access to the method, players need to first defeat Godrick the Grafted at Stormveil Castle.

Going back to the First Step after defeating the boss and speaking to the NPC White-Faced Varre will then kick off a questline. Completing the mission will then give you an item that lets you fast-travel to Mohgwyn Palace where the insane rune exploit is located.

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In the Mohgwn Palace, there is a Site of Grace located at the Palace Approach Ledge-Road. Using a long-ranged weapon or spell, players can then hit a large bird enemy across the map who then dives off the cliff to their death, giving 11,000 runes in seconds. YouTuber ‘RageGamingVideos‘ covered the method extensively and shows the steps to achieve it.

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How to perform Elden Ring rune exploit:

  1. Defeat Godrick the Grafted at Stormveil Castle.
  2. Return to the First Step Site of Grace and talk to the Varre.
  3. Go to the Round Table and talk to Two-Fingers.
  4. Head North to Liurnia of the Lake and go to the Rose Church where Varre will now be standing.
  5. Speak to Varre who will then give you an item that allows you to invade other players.
  6. Invade another world three times. Even if you die, it doesn’t matter. After completing it speak to Varre once more.
  7. Varre will then give you a cloth that needs to be soaked in Maiden’s blood.
  8. Go to the Church of Inhibition South of the Grand Lift of Dectus and soak the cloth with the Dead Maiden in the church.
  9. Return to Varre and accept his blood blessing. He will now give you the Pureblood Knight’s Medal.
  10. Use the medal to instantly travel to the Mohgwyn Palace.
  11. Once there, turn around and use Torrent to travel left of the blood river until you eventually go up a cliffside to find the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace.
  12. After saving at the Grace Site, look across the map and lock on to the giant bird enemy across the map. Hit it with a long-range spell or weapon.
  13. The bird will turn around and throw itself off the cliff, giving you 11,000 runes. Rest and rinse and repeat the method over and over.

Those not wanting to take on the Varre quest, actually have an alternate path to the exploit. YouTuber ‘Arekkz Gaming‘ details another fast-travel portal in the snow mountains of the Concentrated Grounds.

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The new exploit is allowing players to gain as much as five million runes an hour. Those who have the Golden Scarab item can even get as much as 18k every three seconds which is even more absurd.

For a breakdown on how to get the experience point boosting addon, check out our guide here. Only time will tell whether FromSoftware will patch this out as technically its not a glitch. Regardless, players wanting to take advantage should hop on it now.

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