Will Mason Greenwood be added to EA FC 24 Ultimate team?

Mason Greenwood in FIFA 23 with EA FC 24 logo in top right cornerEA SPORTS

EA SPORTS FC 24 officially launched on Friday, September 29, its first foray after rebranding and separating from FIFA. However, ahead of the game launching, EA SPORTS revealed that shamed Manchester United star Mason Greenwood would be in the game at launch — just not in Ultimate Team.

Greenwood, currently 21 years old, was arrested on January 30, 2022, following the emergence of a series of concerning social media posts. Subsequently, he faced charges in court for attempted rape, coercive control, and assault, vehemently denying any wrongdoing.

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After his arrest, he was promptly ousted from FIFA 23. From that point forward, he remained under scrutiny, both in the criminal justice system and by Manchester United, as they sought to reach a just resolution to the matter.

In February 2023, criminal proceedings against Greenwood were terminated after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) determined that there was no longer a realistic likelihood of securing a conviction following the withdrawal of key witnesses.

Mason Greenwood EA FC return

In August, Greenwood completed a loan move to La Liga side Getafe, to much fanfare in the Spanish city.

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EA SPORTS explained in a statement to Mirror Gaming that he will be in EA FC 24 — but not immediately in Ultimate Team.

“EA Sports FC 24 authentically reflects the active rosters of teams and clubs in the real world of football,” the statement read. “As he is now part of an active roster with Getafe CF, Mason Greenwood will be included in FC 24.”

Is there a date for Mason Greenwood Ultimate Team return?

Greenwood’s absence from Ultimate Team was explained, too. “As Greenwood was not part of an active roster at the time of our cut-off date for final team and player data, he will not appear in Ultimate Team at launch,” EA explained.

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As such, there is no confirmed date for Mason Greenwood to be added to Ultimate Team, though it is implied that he could come post-launch.

This news came shortly after Sports Interactive confirmed Mason Greenwood will be returning to Football Manager in the game’s next update.

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