Diablo 4 players call for Seneschal companion to be added to Eternal Realm

Sam Smith
Seneschal Companion Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 community is asking for Blizzard to save the game’s little robot ally, the Seneschal companion once Season 3 ends by requesting it be added to the Eternal Realm.

The Eternal Realm is Diablo 4’s non-seasonal mode and is where seasonal characters go once that particular season ends. However, once added, they become just normal characters with none of the gimmicks or powers they had access to during that season.

Following the Vampire Powers of Season 2, the Seneschal companion was Season 3’s main draw, allowing players to be joined by a friendly robot spider that followed them around, battled enemies, and could even be customized.

Diablo 4 Seneschal
The Seneschal Companion starts rather weak but soon grows in power.

While Season 3 wasn’t as popular as Season 2, fans are now realizing they’ll need to say goodbye to their construct pal when Season 4 hits on May 14, and they may never get to battle alongside it again.

A Reddit user has called on Blizzard to “let the Seneschal come back to the Eternal Realm as a wandering pet”. This would mean that although the Seneschal would no longer be a companion, it could still live on as an NPC, and like the various dogs in the game, could be interested with and petted.

The original poster went on to say how fond they’ve become of the companion, saying: “I’m gonna miss the guy. He was there for god knows how long I’ve played S3. Homeboy was tanking Uber Lilith ghosts like a champ.”

A commenter suggested that Diablo 4 should bring back the Seneschal as a pet follower, stating: “If they used the Senechal as the base for pets, cool. I miss my D3 pets that ran around picking up gold and mats.”

In Diablo 3, pets didn’t take part in combat but helped by collecting gold dropped from dead enemies, as well as provided company while out adventuring. Pets are a mechanic Diablo 3 players miss in Diablo 4 and regularly ask to be added.

diablo 4 1.3.3 patch
Players will miss the Seneschal Companion.

Another player suggested that the Seneschal companion could be added to the Eternal Realm after Season 3 so that everyone could experience it, comparing the mechanic to the popular Vampire Powers that returned to the game during Season 3 after vanishing once Season 2 ended.

They said: “He was quite fun to have around. I wish they would bring it back on a less powerful version permanently. They brought back Vampiric Powers after all, so a pet you could customize a bit wouldn’t be that huge of a thing.”

In Season 4 of Diablo 4, Blizzard will be taking a new approach and will be overhauling the itemization system rather than focusing on seasonal gimmicks like Vampire Powers or the Seneschal companion. This opens the door for more popular seasonal content to come to the Eternal Realm, or return in later seasons, should it be considered worth it.

However, not everyone is keen for the Seneschal companion stick around, with some happy to see the back of it. One said, “I hope not. For me, the season 3 theme was a miss.” Another player adding: “Say bye-bye, you ain’t ever seeing that again”.

And finally, one player was especially ruthless, saying: “Or make a mass grave outside the town as it’s left there to rot after the season hundreds of them”.