New Destiny 2 Auto Rifle is undoubtedly meta but there’s a catch

Kurt Perry
A side profile of the Ros Arago IV void auto rifle that is meta in Destiny 2.

An incredible legendary Auto Rifle was introduced in Season of the Wish that has risen to the top of Destiny 2’s PvE meta but there’s a catch that’s stopping it from catching on.

The Destiny 2 meta is constantly evolving with the introduction of new weapons as well as constant buffs and nerfs. For example, Crux Termination IV was added in Season of the Wish which has proven to be one of the best rocket launchers in the sandbox.

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It’s a similar story with Exotic weapons with the Starcrossed Exotic mission introducing Wish-Keeper. The Exotic bow has some of the best utility and Strand synergy of any weapon making it a great option for many builds.

Another new weapon was introduced this season which players are now discovering is one of the best legendary Auto Rifles in Destiny 2, but there is an unfortunate catch for those who want to get it.

Destiny 2 Auto Rifle is meta but nearly impossible to get

Season of the Wish saw the addition of Ros Arago IV, a Void Auto Rifle that has one of the most impressive perk pools of any legendary weapon in Destiny 2.

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The new Auto Rifle rolls several unbelievable combinations including Subsistence + Onslaught, Subsistence + Surrounded, Rewind Rounds + Golden Tricorn, and Rewind Rounds + Onslaught, with the latter being the most popular roll.

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This perk combination is incredible as Rewind Rounds constantly refills the Auto Rifle’s magazine based on hits landed and the buffed Onslaught boosts fire rate by up to 37% while no longer applying a damage penalty as it used to. The resulting DPS is comparable to a Trace Rifle despite those being Special ammo weapons and Ros Arago IV being a Primary ammo weapon.

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Summary of the Ros Arago IV stats and curated roll in Destiny 2.Bungie
The Ros Arago IV Legendary Auto Rifle in Destiny 2.

Though it was introduced at the start of the season only now are Guardians beginning to understand just how good Ros Arago IV is with prevalent content creators Aztecross and Datto praising the Auto Rifle.

Aztecross described it as “the best Void Auto Rifle in the game,” while Datto admitted it is “way better,” than he thought having initially dismissed the legendary weapon when it was first released.

Despite praise for the Auto Rifle’s meta perk combinations, Ros Arago IV only has a 0.73% usage rate in PvE content according to Destiny 2 Tracker. This is because the Void Auto Rifle is a world drop and therefore cannot be farmed efficiently.

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The only way to receive a god roll Ros Arago IV is by completing activities, opening engrams, and getting lucky. Due to this its viability for most Destiny 2 players will remain limited until it becomes available in Lost Sectors next season or from Banshee in Season 27.

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