How to get the Among Us emblem in Destiny 2: Redeem code details

Destiny 2 Among Us Impostor ShipsTwitter: Bungie

The Destiny 2 & Among Us collaboration is here and with it, a fantastically suspicious Emblem that all Guardians can claim. Here’s how to grab it.

Destiny 2 recently announced a wild collaboration with the popular social deduction game Among Us. This bewildering crossover from outer space brings new cosmetics over from each game, celebrating the best of both worlds.

Among Us received some sweet new crewmate outfits available in their in-game store. These feature classic Destiny 2 characters such as Eris Morn, the Ghost, Shaxx, and Osiris to name a few. The outfits will be leaving the store on May 31st, 2023, so make sure to grab them for your fellow crewmate while you still can. You can view the full catalog of cosmetics via their website’s blog post.

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Destiny 2, on the other hand, didn’t receive quite as much attention as Among Us did. The looter shooter only received one cosmetic, however, it is arguably one of the ‘sickest ‘sussest’ ones added into the game.

Destiny 2 Among Us EmblemBungie
The Airlock Invitation Emblem is looking suspicious.

The Airlock Invitation emblem is now available to unlock via Bungie’s code redemption website, here’s exactly how to do just that.

Destiny 2: Among Us Emblem Redeem Code

Here’s how to grab the Among Us-inspired Airlock Invitation emblem in Destiny 2:

If successful, you should receive a confirmation like this.

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Destiny 2 Among Us Emblem Redeem ConfirmationBungie
The confirmation message should look like this.

Destiny 2: Among Us Emblem Easter Egg

Alongside the incredible-looking Emblem featuring a suspicious impostor, keen-eyed Guardians may notice that the character screen version of the emblem contains the morse code for AMOGUS within it.

Among Us Emblem Character MenuBungie
Bungie went the extra mile and added in Morse code as an Easter Egg.

Bungie has not stated if this emblem redemption code is permanent, nor have they specified an end date to the collaboration as of the time of writing.