Destiny 2: could Trials of the Nine gear return in the Prophecy dungeon?

Julian Young
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Since the release of Beyond Light, players have criticized the lack of gear in Destiny 2. In a post on r/DestinyTheGame, the community is asking Bungie to address these issues by reintroducing old gear via the Prophecy dungeon.

While Beyond Light has been praised for its introduction of Stasis and new activities on Europa, many players feel slighted by a massive reduction in the gear that’s available.

The new expansion has introduced weapon sunsetting and content vaulting into Destiny 2, (which means) much of the game’s older gear is now irrelevant due to power caps or has been removed entirely, and players are desperate for Bungie to provide replacements.

In a post on the DestinyTheGame subreddit, players proposed one possible solution to the issue: reintroducing Trials of the Nine weapons with the return of the Prophecy dungeon.

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Players praised the Prophecy dungeon as one of Destiny 2’s best PVE experiences.

Why Trials of the Nine weapons in the Prophecy dungeon makes sense

Originally introduced in the Season of Arrivals, the Prophecy dungeon was praised by many as some of Destiny 2’s best PVE content. In the lead-up to Beyond Light, Bungie announced that due to technical considerations the activity would be temporarily disabled but would return at a later date.

With Destiny 2 update 3.0.1 on December 8, the dungeon will make its triumphant return.  In a thread posted on the DestinyTheGame subreddit, user ‘u/Epic-artard69’ has proposed that Bungie bring back Trials of the Nine weapons and incorporate them into the activity when it finally returns.

Trials of the Nine was Destiny 2’s original pinnacle PVP activity. However, due to the community’s underwhelming response to the game mode, Bungie eventually removed it. The developer later brought back Trials of Osiris from Destiny 1 to take its place.

Trials of the Nine and the Prophecy dungeon are both related to a group of characters in Destiny 2 called the Nine. The return of the dungeon provides a logical reason for Trials of the Nine weapons – which have been unavailable since the activity’s removal – to return.

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There is a logical, lore-friendly connection between Destiny 2’s old Trials of the Nine weapons and the Prophecy dungeon.

As the Reddit thread suggests, Bungie could bring back old Trials of the Nine weapons – updated with random rolls – and add them to the Prophecy’s loot pool. This would allow newer Destiny 2 players to acquire these weapons for the first time, and expand the game’s reduced selection of loot.

In a time where Destiny 2’s loot pool is severely reduced, providing players with an avenue to obtain these weapons could go a long way towards addressing the community’s concerns. Destiny 2’s Prophecy dungeon will re-launch with update 3.0.1 on December 8.