Bungie responds over Destiny 2 crashing issues on PS5

Destiny 2's future looks bright after Sony-Bungie dealBungie/Sony

Bungie has announced it’s investigating the cause of Destiny 2’s crashing issues on PS5 following numerous player reports.

Destiny 2 has had an eventful past week, with the release of the new expansion Lightfall being met with fairly mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

On top of the somewhat lackluster reception, the expansion has introduced a handful of bugs and glitches that have plagued some players’ experience, like the ongoing invisibility bug.

Unfortunately for PS5 players, it seems the current build of the game has caused repeated crashing issues for those playing on Sony’s console. Thankfully, Bungie has responded to player reports and is currently investigating the issue.

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Bungie investigating Destiny 2 PS5 crashes

On March 8, 2023, the Bungie Help Twitter account tweeted, “We are currently investigating an increase in crashes for players on PS5 consoles.

This comes off the back of various reports from players across social media platforms that claimed they’ve experienced a concerning number of crashes while playing Lightfall on PS5.

According to threads from places like the Destiny subreddit, the issue seems to be relegated to PS5 alone. “My game is freezing and crashing once every two play sessions now, most of the time in public events with 3 or more other players… This has never happened pre-Lightfall.”

While outright crashing seems to only be happening on PS5, some PC players have also claimed that Lightfall is causing issues for them as well. “Performance on PC has taken a drastic hit after the Lightfall Patch as well… Never used to drop below 50 fps before the patch, 2 years ago I never used to drop below 90 fps…”

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While Bungie is currently investigating these issues, it’s unclear when exactly PS5’s crashing issues will be fixed completely. Hopefully, Sony and Bungie can roll out a fix in the coming days so Guardians can keep enjoying the new content introduced in Lightfall.