Bungie change “impossible” new Destiny 2 quest after player backlash

. 2 years ago

Bungie is making major changes to Destiny 2 quest ‘The Lie’ just 48 hours after the huge community event first started. Their decision to nerf the questline comes after Guardians announced plans to boycott the event entirely.

Guardians have been begging Bungie to add more questlines to Destiny 2 for months, and on May 12 the devs finally delivered. A new event appeared during the title’s weekly reset, asking players to complete nine million Seraph Tower runs.

The problem? That’s a lot of completions for a Destiny event many Guardians have publicly said is one of the worst in the game. Of the nine million necessary completions, just 230,811‬ were actually completed in the quest’s first day.

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Destiny's community threatened to boycott The Lie quest after seeing it's steep requirements, and Bungie was forced to respond.
Destiny’s community threatened to boycott The Lie quest after seeing it’s steep requirements, and Bungie was forced to respond.

Some Guardians were fed up immediately, and set about organizing a boycott. Bungie would release it anyway, they said. Others simply dubbed it “impossible” and ignored it. A few even suggested The Lie had been built to fail.

On May 13, Bungie confirmed that was not the case, and announced they would be reducing The Lie’s requirements. On top of that, the devs also handed the Seraph Towers a minor nerf to make them easier to complete.

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Bungie add 5x, 10x bonuses for ‘The Lie’ quest

“We have made adjustments to The Lie quest and Seraph Tower difficulty,” Bungie wrote on Twitter following the backlash. “Effective immediately, quest progression has been given a 5x multiplier, which will be increased to 10x on weekends.”

Here’s the numbers crunched: so far Guardians have completed 185,000 EDZ runs, 24,000 Moon runs, and 15,000 events on Io. That would equate to 1,110,000‬ runs with a five-time modifier, or 2,240,000‬ with the 10x bonus.

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Yesterday, players were predicting the 9 million completions to unlock the event’s reward, the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun, was predicted to run deep into next season (Season 11 is set to drop on June 9, for the record). Players should now finish it in a little over a week.

Guardians may not be happy they still have to do Seraph Tower runs, but it shows Bungie is listening. Between this, and confirmation in-game store Eververse will be sidelined heading into next season, Destiny’s fourth year has a bright future.

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