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xQc shows why ‘nobody cares’ about CS:GO on Twitch

Published: 14/Jul/2019 14:43 Updated: 4/May/2020 14:14

by Connor Bennett


Former Overwatch professional and top Twitch streamer Felix ‘CS:GO on the platform, and why he won’t stream it himself.

When it comes to streaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Twitch is dominated by thousands of fans watching tournaments and competitive matches – rather than individual broadcasters.

That’s not to say that nobody streams the game, as there is a good amount of regular channels in the category. However, it usually takes somebody like former pro Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek to play a few games to launch a single channel up the charts. It’s a problem that xQc pointed out and gave some insight to.


xQc, Instagram
xQc has never been afraid to shy away from giving his opinions out on Twitch.

During his July 13 stream, the former Overwatch player dove into why nobody really streams CS:GO. He stated: “When nobody gives a fuck about their game, nobody cares enough to stream it – nobody wants to do it. Just look, who is actually streaming the game? Nobody is streaming it.”

Lengyel then pointed out that the category’s “browse” page was being inundated by live events like BLAST Pro Series and re-runs from previous ESL tournaments. “Its like, dude. People have to be a NASA spaceship leader to find your stream dude,” he added.


He wasn’t finished there though, as he continued on: “Why would I stream it? People stream it less, people watch it less, people care less – people tune into the and tournaments and don’t care about the game anymore and that kinda kills it on Twitch.”

Despite dabbling in matches from time-to-time, with usually hilarious results, it’s not the first instance where xQc has dissected CS:GO viewing on Twitch.

In the past, the former Dallas Fuel star compared how easy it was to grasp the concept of Counter-Strike vs sitting down and learning a game like Overwatch – resulting in bigger viewership for competitive games and tournaments.


Unlike when he took aim at the Fortnite World Cup broadcasts, xQc didn’t exactly offer up any advice for streamers to grow themselves in the CS:GO category.

Yet, it doesn’t look like he’ll be dedicating too much to streaming the game in the future – especially if he’s going to be sunk by competitive play.