xQc keeps getting insanely lucky with CSGO cases and doesn’t even realize it

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xQc opening cs:go knife
Twitch: xQc

Wealthy Twitch streamers dropping way too much money on CS:GO cases is nothing new, but perhaps none have been as lucky as Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel on his recent case-opening spree – bagging over $10,000 worth of skins and knives, often without realizing how lucky he’s getting.

Each case in CS:GO has a very small chance of dropping an item worth significant real-life money, and so are almost never profitable, after the cost of buying the case and the key is taken off.

Despite xQc‘s luck, it’s still unlikely he’s in profit due to the number of cases he’s bought, but regardless, his luck has still been remarkable. Since getting back into CS:GO in May, his case-opening fortune has been astronomical.

xQc’s Weapon Case luck

It starts with the former Overwatch pro opening the CS:GO Weapon Case – the oldest and now most expensive case in the game, at over $50 each. There are two skins you want from this case: the AWP Lightning Strike and the AK-47 Case Hardened.

Despite the odds of getting either of these skins from a case being less than 1%, xQc managed to get three – after opening only 11 cases. Two AWP skins and one AK-47 skin – netting him over $1,000.

But, as you can tell from his reaction, xQc wasn’t actually aware of the value of what he’d got at first.

xQc unboxes two unbelievable knives

Although almost any knife in CS:GO is worth at least $100, there are some that will fetch $1,000s, especially if they have a particular skin and pattern on them. Given how many cases he has opened, he was almost guaranteed to get a few knives, at odds of around 400/1 – but xQc got lucky enough to unbox some very special knives.

First up was a Karambit Marble Fade, with a very particular pattern known as ‘Fire and Ice’. Not only was it in Factory New condition, but it was also Stat Trak – making the odds of getting such a rare knife simply outrageous.

This time, xQc realized he had something special – although maybe not quite how special. It’s difficult to value the knife exactly due to the pattern, but it could reach over $2,000.

Not content with just getting one incredibly rare knife though, xQc went on to get another. And again it was another Karambit.

A Crimson Web skin this time, xQc was initially disappointed, calling it “garbage” and saying it was “worth nothing.” But, he couldn’t have been more wrong.

Again, due to the particular pattern on the knife, pattern 30, the ‘web’ was well-placed in the center of the blade. Desirable patterns like this can add as much as 50% to the value. This knife could be worth between $1,200 and $1,700.

In addition to all this, xQc also managed to unbox a Stat Trak AK-47 Fire Serpent, worth around $2,000, with odds of around 7680/1. He knew this one was worth big as soon as he got it though.

It’s worth noting again that despite this luck, xQc is likely still in the red overall on his CS:GO case openings. The cost of buying so many cases – especially some of the very expensive ones he is opening – often balances out any big wins, and you’re unlikely to get as lucky as him anyway.

Some CS:GO skin lovers might be feeling a bit jealous though, that someone who doesn’t often realize the value of these skins is getting so lucky.

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