xQc blown away by s1mple’s BLAST dominance: “What the f**k?”

xQc and s1mpleTwitch: xQc / Blast

xQc might be an FPS titan in his own right, but even he couldn’t help but be impressed by the clinic s1mple put on en-route to winning CSGO’s BLAST Spring Finals event.

It’s hard to surprise an FPS veteran like xQc. From the halls of professional Overwatch to competitions against the best content creators in the world, he’s run the gamut in terms of competitive gaming.

One game that hasn’t quite fallen under his might yet is Counter Strike, but not for lack of trying. The Canadian creator has given it a shot multiple times but hasn’t found the same success in it as in other titles.

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That’s why when s1mple (arguably the greatest CS player of all time) popped off with a mindblowing four-piece during a BLAST Spring Final match, the pro-turned-creator had nothing but high praise for the legend.

xQc showers s1mple with compliments after dominating BLAST

CS:GO game screenshot with xQc streaming on TwitchTwitch: xQc/ Valve
xQc has been playing, and watching, more CS:GO lately and had high praise for s1mple.

It was four rounds into Natus Vincere’s match against OG Esports when things really started to click.

Setting up for a bomb plant on Dust2, Na’Vi claimed an early first blood thanks to a good shot from electronic, but s1mple absolutely took over from there.

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He started with a two tap headshot on degster before flicking down and finding nexa hiding underneath him. From there, the rest of OG were lambs to the slaughter as the CS legend pushed forward and cleaned house.

After witnessing all of that, xQc looked physically disturbed.

“What the f**k?” he asked. “Check his PC and game…”

Of course the streamer was just joking but he ran the clip back to watch it again and before deciding s1mple must be superhuman and continued to meme.

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“Actually not normally…” he said, which translates to that’s not normal for those of us who don’t speak Twitch chat.

Of course, while he was laughing through most of his review, xQc knows just how hard it is to be good at CS.

His own adventures in the game have only seen middling results, and he even managed to recreate one of the game’s most infamous blunders on accident.

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