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Weird CSGO bug makes defusing bombs on Mirage a total nightmare

Published: 15/Feb/2020 20:09

by Alan Bernal


A visual bug in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive makes bomb defuses on B-site Mirage a nightmare for the CTs.

Multiple players are reporting a bug that occurs when a Counter-Terrorist gets on the bomb to defuse. The wires of the bomb defuser glitch out to extend far beyond their intended radius, giving T’s a huge advantage in tense situations.

Forms of this bug have appeared since Valve gave the diffuser an animation for wires back in a controversial update in 2015. Since then, there’s been discussion if the change helps or hurts the state of the game.

Since the 2015 CSGO update, the bomb defuser wires have been causing some problems in-game.

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The bug can have direct implications to a match like it did in Reddit user ‘Kylows’s game where they were playing as the T-side trying to defend their bomb plant.

With the round down to a 2v2, the T’s managed to plant the bomb with two seconds remaining. Immediately after, a trade brought down the game to a 1v1.

At this point, the T-side should be the ones with a disadvantage since the remaining CT knows exactly where the last person is playing from.

How to know if someone is defusing from GlobalOffensive

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Even though the bomb is planted for Cat, where the surviving T is, the CT should be able to maneuver around that information to get the highest chance of winning.


But the mind games that started to ensue were quickly ended when the bug made the defuser wires stretch across the T’s screen.

After that, it was a simple matter of following the line to place a headshot on the defusing CT player.

valve csgo bomb defuse bug
Kylow via Reddit
The CSGO player was surprised to see the game had telegraphed where the last CT was.

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Without the bug, these 1v1’s test the decision-making and clutch potential of both players. A popular strategy for CTs is to simply tap the bomb to activate the sound cue for a defuse.

This starts a back-and-forth where a CT braves the 5 or 10-second defuse to win or taps it just to get off in order to bait the last player to peek into their sights.


Conversely, the T side needs to either peek and stop the defuse or call the bluff and stay hidden in case they merely tapped the bomb.

via MovieBlaze525 YouTube
The bug lets T’s know exactly when CT’s get onto the bomb to defuse.

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With this bug, that stalemate is broken in the T’s advantage and gives the CTs almost no chance of winning.

It’ll be interesting to see how Valve decide to fix this, since the problem has been a nuisance for a long time.