Watch s1mple’s POV as he fills in for semi-pro CS:GO team and destroys opponents

Daniel Cleary

Professional CS:GO player Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev put on an incredible performance while filling in for a semi-pro team in an Online Cup, streaming his gameplay on Twitch.

S1mple is known for being one of the best CS:GO players in the world in recent years, so his competitors in the LOOT.BET Cup, “forZe”, were likely to be shocked when seeing him filling in for one of the players on the opposing team, “cats.”

The Ukrainian currently competes for Natus Vincere professionally, where he plays against the best teams in the world, so this step down in competition was no problem at all for him as he put on a show, streaming the whole match from his point of view for his Twitch viewers.

DexertoS1mple is one of the core members of Natus Vincere’s professional CS:GO roster.

During the first map of the series, s1mple began to perform at his expected high standards almost instantly, making CS:GO look easy by starting the first half of the game with twenty kills.

Despite s1mple’s best efforts to rack up as many kills as he could, the first map managed to go all the way to double overtime. He displayed his skill with four incredible AWP kills in the deciding round to put them up in the series, shortly after exclaiming that there will be no more overtime played: “There’s no other OT, There’s no other overtime!”

The CS:GO pro was forced to pull out all the stops during the online cup series to get the win for his squad, which saw him finishing with a combined 77 kills to 33 deaths record after the two maps had been played.

The full gameplay of s1mple’s dominance while subbing in for the semi-pro team during the LOOT.BET Cup is still available for viewers to enjoy.

First map of the series starts at 16:00

Watch @s1mpleO play EU FPL from s1mple on

Many fans enjoyed the fact that they could view s1mple’s reactions and communication in a more competitive environment in the online cup compared to his usual FPL CS:GO pick up game streams on Twitch.

Although s1mple had to put in some effort to carry the semi-pro players to victory, he admitted shortly after the game had ended that he wouldn’t mind doing it again if the opportunity presented itself, which could be good news for fans of his competitive streams.

How s1mple ended up on the semi-pro team is currently unknown, but we’re sure after this performance, their rivals will hope it was a one-time thing.

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