Trainwrecks’ report on “hacking” CSGO player backfires spectacularly

Brent Koepp
Twitch: Trainwreckstv / Valve Corporation

Popular Twitch personality ‘Trainwreckstv’ was in disbelief after getting destroyed in a match of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and his report of the “cheating” player backfired unexpectedly. 

CSGO is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series, and is still one of the most popular online first-person shooters despite releasing in 2012.

However, Trainwrecks found himself in an intense exchange with another player during his November 23 stream that saw him getting destroyed by some incredibly accurate headshots.

So much so, the streamer believed the player could be cheating, and reported them after they continuously pulled off the perfect shots. Except everything wasn’t as it seemed.

Valve CorporationThe popular FPS first released in 2012.

The popular Twitch streamer was in the middle of a match in CSGO, when a player in his cross-hairs outgunned him with a clean headshot with his Desert Eagle. “There is no way, dude!” he exclaimed immediately.

“My bullet doesn’t go through a piece of f*cking metal!” he continued in disbelief.  The other player then approached him and his teammate for a second encounter.

“That’s the guy that just Deagled me!” the streamer cautioned, before getting cut off as he was gunned down with another shot to the head. “Yep, same guy he headshot me too. I dunno, dude! Three Deagle headshots instantly? I dunno!” he exclaimed before reporting the player.

The streamer reported the other player for wall hacking, aim hacking, and other hacking, and then continued his broadcast playing the FPS.

However things took an unexpected twist when the player he reported spoke out on Twitter, and was revealed to actually be pro Rainbow Six Siege player Ethan ‘RizRaz’ Wombwell.

The Fnatic player tweeted “Please don’t report me, I love you @Trainwreckstv” on November 23, shocking fans who didn’t realize it was him in the match with Trainwrecks.

So far the two have not spoken up since the time of this article, so there is no telling whether the R6 pro’s account was actually punished for the report.

If nothing else, it’s an honest mistake anyone could make, given the pro player’s skills. We’ve all been there!

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