ScreaM frustrated after realizing he can’t open CSGO Shattered Web cases

Scott Robertson
DreamHack / Valve

CSGO star Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom was checking out the cases for new CSGO Operation Shattered Web, but expressed frustration after realizing he wasn’t allowed to open them at all.

ScreaM experienced the ultimate form of torture while streaming on November 19, having to window shop at in-game items he simple wasn’t allowed to acquire.

The Belgian CSGO legend, famous for his one-taps and stints with some of the best French teams in the game’s history, was in-between matches on FACEIT when he took a peek at some of the new skins offered in the Shattered Web cases.

ScreaM made clear that he wanted one of the new knives that have been made available in the latest Operation, but quickly realized that he wasn’t going to be able to get one by opening cases.

ScreaM currently lives in Belgium, where loot boxes of all kinds cannot be opened. This is due to a decision in 2018 by the Belgian Gaming Commission, when they declared that loot boxes were considered gambling. Belgian law does say that loot boxes can be opened when earned through gameplay, but cannot be purchased with real money.

Therefore the Belgian was faced with disappointment after seeing the in-game warning that opening cases was not permitted in his country.

While Counter-Strike players can earn loot boxes through playing, there is no way to actually open the boxes without using real money, thus making opening them unavailable in the country of Belgium. The same goes for players in the Netherlands.

Prior to the clip, several fans in ScreaM’s chat asked him to open some cases, so he navigated to the case in his inventory to show his viewers opening any is not allowed in his country. One of his teammates said that players in Belgium would need to get a VPN in order to accomplish that.

The Belgium Gaming Commission’s decision to remove paid-for loot boxes was met with varying degrees of resistance. Blizzard agreed to the BGC decision and removed lootboxes from its Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm games.

EA and 2K both tried to fight to defend the loot boxes that are critical to the Ultimate Team modes of their respective sports franchises, FIFA and NBA 2K. EA infamously referred to them as “surprise mechanics” and 2K even tried to get its player base to sign a petition to allow them in Belgium.

ScreaM has been streaming more and more as of late, after announcing at the end of September that despite being benched by Team GamerLegion, he is still eyeing a return to competitive play.

He did highlight how happy he was with the new character models added in the Shattered Web update though, which he is allowed access to.

It’s been a while since people have talked about his one taps though, so hopefully we see them again soon.