CSGO Players spent over $100 million on cases last month

csgo case with money stacks headerValve

CS:GO players spent a staggering $100 million plus on cases in March 2023, reaching a new all-time record of cases opened in one month.

The Counter-Strike series has received a shot of adrenaline over the past few weeks thanks to the reveal of Counter-Strike 2 on March 22, 2023.

Since Valve’s official announcement, fans broke the all-time player record on CS:GO in preparation for CS2’s release sometime this summer.

Now, the CS:GO community has broken another record — this time relating to the number of cases players have opened in one month and the revenue Valve generated from this.

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CSGO players opened an absurd amount of cases in March 2023

According to info gathered from csgocasetracker.com, the CS:GO playerbase collectively opened an estimated 39.5 million cases during March 2023. When taking into account the relative cost of opening cases, this means that fans spent over $100 million on cosmetics in just one month.

This is a big jump the previous record high achieved on February 2023, at 27.7 million cases opened.

Each case requires a key, costing $2.50, to open. On top of that, the cases themselves cost money too, ranging from $0.70 to over $60. Valve only takes 15% of case price though, through fees.

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The news comes off the back of reports that Valve makes an average of $54 million a month on CS:GO cases, as reported by YouTuber and skin trader Anomaly last month.

Fracture case in CSGOValve
Fans never know exactly what they’ll get when opening cases, which brings an element of excitement.

Even before the news of CS2’s summer release, CS:GO players would crack cases in the hopes of getting extremely rare and expensive weapons and knife cosmetics.

However, the steep rise in cases opened is undoubtedly related to CS2’s reveal — especially after Valve confirmed that players could “bring their entire CS:GO inventory” with them when they moved over to the new game.

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As more and more players are permitted to join CS2’s ongoing test beta, the hype surrounding the game seems like it’s only going to grow. As such, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a new case-opening record set for April 2023.

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