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Rush: NA’s forgotten star found new life with Complexity CSGO

Published: 4/Oct/2020 16:12 Updated: 14/Dec/2020 16:50

by Ava Thompson-Powell


In Counter-Strike, there’s a list of successors that continue to pop up when talking about NA. There’s no lack of up-and-coming players looking to make their mark, but there’s one who has found a resurgence amidst the competition – Rush. 

Following a couple of quiet years, Major winner Will ‘Rush’ Wierzba is tasting glory again with Complexity. He’s back in a stacked lineup and taking on the world’s best, just like he did in his OpTic Gaming and Cloud9 days.

Initially playing for a selection of smaller teams, Rush started representing Elevate in 2014 before moving on and becoming a key cog in OpTic’s rise to the top of the NA scene – helping lift the Greenwall to a memorable ELeague Season 2 title.


His departure from OpTic saw him land the title every CSGO pro seeks – a Major – as he played a key role in Cloud9’s Cinderella run at the Eleague Boston Major. Though, as that team broke up, Rush was left as an odd man out, spending time on the sidelines before moving to Complexity.

With Complexity, Rush not received the chance to re-establish himself as one of NA’s most prolific fraggers, but can also restore the team back to their former glory.