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NadeKing breaks down the newest CSGO tricks pros are using

Published: 3/Jun/2020 2:05

by Alan Bernal


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive YouTuber ‘NadeKing’ revealed the cutting-edge techniques that the pros have been using in their games, and explained how casual players can start utilizing similar strats into their own playbook.

The basic formula of Counter-Strike has been largely untouched since the original title launched at the turn of the millennia.

A major reason that has made Valve’s 5v5 tactical shooter feel fresh all these years has to do with the unorthodox or inventive ways that emerging talent and hardened veterans remix tried-and-true tactics to create something entirely new.

A longtime name in CS, NadeKing has been around to see pros pick up new habits and experimental peeks that the rest of the player base can replicate in their competitive games.


For example, there’s a useful flashbang for T’s to use at the B site of Dust II. Coming outs of Tunnels into the site, T’s typically want a quick flash that blinds as many angles as it can without stopping the rush.

NadeKing YouTube
The simple flash lineup can blind a lot of the important angles in B site on Dust II.

Aiming your crosshair above the black window before exiting the tunnel will make the flash hit the second edge into a small divot in the wall. This makes the flash pop in mid-air covering a huge area while protecting the T’s line of site.

Heading to the A side of Dust II, if CTs playing at spawn get smoked out, there’s a two man boost that will give a one-way sight line into the cross up to the site.


Astralis showed how effective boosting close to the wall can be against opponents who think they have a clear route to the site. Though it’ll be a hard shot to make, it’s a great way to set up a possible retake scenario.

On Inferno, for teams looking to barrel into the site there’s a handy run-boost in case the team occupying B throws a smoke to block off Banana.

Simply go to the smoke’s edge, and take your time to coordinate a proper run-boost. You’ll be blocked off from anyone’s view and this is a much more effective option to clear the smoke, instead of walking in one by one.


There’s a wealth of information in NadeKing’s video, so the whole thing is worth a watch for CSGO players looking to implement pro techniques into their matches.