Mousesports is considering benching new $290,000 CS:GO player

Mousesports is thinking about benching Polish CS:GO player Janusz ‘Snax’ Pogorzelski according to an insider report.

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The Polish player hasn’t been meshing well with the rest of the roster and, according to a VPEsports report, was not invited to a recent players-only meeting.

Even though Snax has had a fair amount of success in his short time with the team, including a win at ESL One New York on September 30th, he will be officially benched in the coming days, according to their report.

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Even that win doesn’t appear to be enough to stick with their current roster, a testament to their previous success as an organization, and Mouse will be hoping a roster change returns them to the dominant form of last Spring.

This is a costly benching for Mousesports who bought out Snax from his previous contract with Virtus.Pro in June for a whopping $290,000 according to DBLTAP.

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His rumored replacement is support player Martin ‘STYKO’ Styk who was lent to Cloud 9 for two months after being removed from the starting roster in favor of Snax.

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This move makes sense for Mouse because STYKO is still under contract with the organization, he returned to the team on September 22nd, and he has proven chemistry with the rest of the roster.

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