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CSGO star Stewie makes bold statement ahead of Liquid’s Berlin Major Champions Stage matches

Published: 4/Sep/2019 1:41 Updated: 4/Sep/2019 9:40

by Isaac McIntyre


Counter-Strike star Jacky ‘Stewie2K‘ Yip has reminded the other seven teams in the New Champions Stage at the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 that Team Liquid is confident of cementing their current era with a trophy at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

The North American organization arrived in Berlin as heavy favorites, after winning four straight premier events to clinch the second-season Intel Grand Slam, but not everything went as planned for Liquid once the New Legends Stage began.

Back-to-back losses to NRG Esports and AVANGAR set Stewie2K’s team on the hardest road, but 2-0 wins over North and mousesports still scored them a seat among the final eight. Now the American star has revealed Liquid don’t mind at all who they’re facing next.

“Right now, we are not too worried about beating anyone. It doesn’t matter who our opponent is, it’s just about getting the W,” Stewie2K told StarLadder after qualifying for top eight.

Next up for TL is Astralis, who have struggled in recent tournaments. “Playing against Astralis – we know they are still a great team. I’ve been watching them. The results might not show that they are dominating as they were in the past, but I can still see them improving.”

StarLadderStewie2K and Liquid battled their way to the top eight in Berlin.

The former major champion also agreed with the general sentiment of the CSGO community about the competitiveness of the Berlin Major so far. Despite being a key member of one of the best teams in the world, Stewie2K admits it’s been a tough run.

“At this major, there are so many teams that are so good,” he said. “Even in the last stage, teams like forZe, they are doing so well. We’ve played them a lot in qualifiers and practice and we think they are a good team that can beat other teams like CR4ZY or AVANGAR.

“There is so much competition nowadays. All you have to do is study an opponent that is really good. Once you understand more styles from different teams, you can really become a high caliber team, and I think a lot of teams are starting to do that.”

StarLadderStewie2K believes Liquid can beat any team left in the top eight.

Liquid’s qualification also puts Stewie2K just three series away from becoming North America’s first two-time major champion. While it’s an exciting milestone for the 21-year-old, Yip admitted he’s more focused on just enjoying his time with the game, and with his current roster.

“I’m not that type of a guy who looks to be the number one player in the world, to have the best stats, or get the most kills. I’m just a player who doesn’t like to lose. I like to win, I like my trophies, I like winning with my team. I’m just looking for good times, make sure that I can create memories, and live my life with that,” he said.

The quarter-finals of the StarLadder Berlin Major begin from 9.30am PT on Thursday, September 5. Team Liquid takes to the stage on Friday evening when they face Astralis.

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FACEIT offer $55k pot for collegiate Valorant, CSGO & League of Legends

Published: 29/Oct/2020 9:22

by Alan Bernal


Esports platform FACEIT is putting together a host of leagues for collegiate North American teams to vie for a $55,000 pot across League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Valorant circuits.

The deadline for college players to sign up will be November 1, after which the TO will move ahead with a two-division system for CSGO & Valorant as well as regional qualifiers for League of Legends.

For the two tactical shooters, FACEIT will have a “Premier league, for top-tier competition, and Contenders league, for more casual competition.”

College players should note that the Premier and Contenders league will have a registration fee of $125 per team and $75 per team, respectively.

FACEIT will give aspiring esports players a chance to compete for cash in Valorant, LoL, and CSGO.

CSGO & Valorant leagues

From the $55,000 pot, CSGO will get a $30,000 prize pool, $5,000 of which will supply the Contenders league winnings. Meanwhile, FACEIT is putting $10,000 up for grabs in Valorant.

Both Premier and Contenders will have a 10-week Swiss format regular season that will lead into a single elimination playoff in Spring 2021.

Matches start on November 5-10 with the regular season’s 10th match scheduled for February 18-23, so student teams will have months to plan, prepare, and play out the full season.

The playoffs are planned to take place in March through April in the new year, with the Championship following after.

Riot Games
FACEIT will hold collegiate varsity events for Valorant and CSGO.

League of Legends

FACEIT will produce a three-phase LoL circuit that will eventually decide which team claims the biggest take of the $15,000 prize pool.

State-wide qualifiers, consisting of 16 teams each, are going to take place in the US and Canada. These will decide which teams make it into the Regional Stage. The top four teams that make it out of the Regionals will go on to the Finals for the biggest share of the $15,000 pot.

The breakdown of target dates for FACEIT’s state-wide LoL events.

Every state qualifying tournament will require a $100 registration fee, 50% of which goes to the prize pool. FACEIT gave this example: “if the California tournament has 10 teams, there will be a $500 prize for that.”

To get more information on the collegiate leagues, head over to FACEIT’s hub to register your team.