How An Old CSGO Journeyman Became the Stable Core of a World #1 Team

Jackz playing for G2Dexerto

Audric ‘JaCkz’ Jug was reaching retirement age when he was given a major shot in professional CS:GO, so just how has the French veteran managed to form the core of G2’s incredible roster?

While no roster has yet reached the same level as the Astralis dynasty, most CS:GO fans are in agreement that the current G2 roster are a group of players who have probably come the closest.

KennyS and JaCkz have formed the core of this outfit, with both French stars being around since 2018. The pair were joined by AmaNEk, huNter, and nexa over the course of 2019, and have reached impressive success in the aftermath.

Wins at Champions Cup Finals back in 2019 have been followed up by a 1st-3rd finish in the BLAST Premier Spring Regular Season, and second place at DreamHack Masters Spring event. While wins have been in short supply following the move online, G2 have continued to impress. They are one of the few teams who, on their day, look good enough to challenge anybody.

JaCkz has, alongside kennyS, formed the core of this roster. Here, we break down how he did it, and how he defied the odds as an aging CS:GO pro and made his way to the very top of one of the world’s most competitive esports.