Hiko: The Counter-Strike clutch king’s greatest moments

Published: 13/Feb/2021 19:00 Updated: 16/Feb/2021 10:04

by Ava Thompson-Powell


After a storied CSGO career, Hiko has been making his mark in Valorant with 100 Thieves, reminding everyone about his clutch plays of the best. So, here are some of his best. 

Having made the switch over to Valorant, Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin has left behind quite the Counter-Strike legacy. Hiko was one of North America’s most iconic CS:GO players, and what he lacked in silverware, he made up for with huge plays and crazy clutches.

Known for his nerves of steel and raw fragging power, the king of clutch made his name with some of the craziest kills and clutches that the game has ever seen.

With iconic plays such as him taking over the server in an epic 2v4 back at ESL One: Cologne 2014 and the star reclaiming the match after all hope was lost versus Dignitas’ Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen ridiculous triple kill from the same year, there’s plenty of picks to choose from.

Check out our video above to find out just how we’ve ranked the star’s celebratory, standout moments within his storied career.

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Stewie2K is back! Return of Liquid’s smoke criminal | Richard Lewis reacts at IEM Katowice

Published: 23/Feb/2021 19:00 Updated: 24/Feb/2021 10:30

by Ava Thompson-Powell


IEM Katowice is providing fans around the world with fantastic plays that are fit for the history books – and now, Jacky ‘Stewie2K’ Yip has bounced right back into full form to add to that list.

Richard Lewis reacts to Team Liquid‘s sensational IEM Katowice run. After running through FaZe, Vitality, and NaVi to reach the Playoff semi-finals, one thing is clear — Stewie is back. With Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo now steering the ship, Stewie2k is performing with a new lease of life — throwing us back to the smoke criminal days that propelled Liquid’s Grand Slam run.

With confidence high in the Liquid camp, Jason ‘moses’ O’Toole will be looking to Stewie to lead by example instead of the calls from now on. Next up, they’ll be facing either Astralis or Virtus.Pro — but can he continue his hot run of form?

When Liquid was the top team in the world back at the end of 2019, Lewis believes that it was like looking at a North American legacy. But with changing IGLs and Nicholas ‘nitr0’ Cannella stepping out of CS:GO, there were lots of unanswered questions and what-ifs.

Richard firmly believes that Stewie is the player that has to picks up the pieces for the team of whatever was missing from their roster – he’s been an AWPer, IGL, and continually played positions unfamiliar to him.

Now, though, he believes that with the team setup we’ve got, Liquid is primed to beat Virtus.pro, and Astralis if they continue to play as they have been. As Stewie2k has now been freed of being pushed into roles that don’t come naturally to him, this is looking incredibly likely.

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