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Hackers are “abusing” CSGO’s Overwatch system to manipulate bans

Published: 15/Aug/2020 23:22 Updated: 15/Aug/2020 23:27

by Alan Bernal


The CSGO hacking community has been using a way to manipulate Overwatch cases to avoid getting banned or, in some cases, grief banning innocent people through private cheating services.

Overwatch is a self-regulation system in Global Offensive that lets community members weed out suspicious players by letting people review gameplay demos to identify if cheats were being used.

CSGO YouTuber ‘Sparkles’ talked with a hacker to expose a system that abuses reports filed against a person. Hackers built a few tools that can target a specific in-game ID to either keep them from getting banned or attempt to influence Overwatch to take actions against them, according to ‘Kessie,’ the cheater who came forward against the rest of the title’s malicious players.

In some cases, this has led to false Overwatch results that can ban ‘legits,’ how Kessie calls honest players who don’t implement cheats in CSGO. In tweeting out Sparkles’ video, ‘DonHaci’ noted this was how Jacob ‘Pimp’ Winneche and Erik ‘fl0m’ Flom were given their 30-day grief ban.

But another troubling aspect is that hackers can similarly use this method to keep Overwatch from striking their accounts.

“I don’t wake up in the morning wondering if I’m going to get banned,” Kessie said. “Even after really cheeky couple games cause at this point I can’t see how I’m going to get banned.”

CSGO hackers blacklist their names from these Overwatch bots so they don’t get banned themselves. The effectiveness and prevalence of this system essentially negates meaningful tools the CSGO devs have to combat hackers.

This is helped by the fact that Overwatch cases, that rely on anonymity to promote a neutral decision-making process, don’t really hide the names of players. By using a third-party network traffic app, you can easily get a direct link to Overwatch case downloads that has every player’s name in the lobby on full display.

Valve has implemented features like Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC), Prime matchmaking, and Overwatch, in hopes that it would get rid of, or at least stymie, the presence of cheaters in CSGO.

After the inclusion of Trusted mode, an update feature that blocks third-party files from interacting with the CSGO, players reported encountering even more hackers in matchmaking.

Kessie agreed that a meaningful first step to combat the many CSGO hackers is to make Overwatch cases truly anonymous. Though that would only be the initial adaptation Valve would have to make to really solve the problem with Counter-Strike’s hackers.


FalleN leaks two possible new CSGO rosters with Fer

Published: 17/Nov/2020 2:14

by Alan Bernal


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo confirmed two lineups he’s theory-crafting along with fellow Brazillian native Fernando ‘fer’ Alvarenga after both parted ways with MiBR in September.

FalleN had previously leaked an image that listed two complete 5-man groups; an all-Brazillian team with former MiBR / LG squadmate Ricardo ‘boltz’ Prass and another collective featuring a majority of Godsent’s remaining roster.

He said there are many possibilities he’s been considering for the next phase of his career and these two lineups are just some of the rosters that he was theory crafting with as he explores new teams.

FalleN stepped down from MiBR back in September after a roster shuffle saw fer, Epitácio ‘TACO’ de Melo, and coach Ricardo ‘dead’ Sinigaglia dropped from the team. The team had struggled to put good results together in the past months, leading to a change.

Roque Marques via Twitter
A still from FalleN’s stream that shows two possible CS:GO lineups.

At the time, FalleN expressed his dissatisfaction with the move, but would also be using the time to figure out the next part of his career.

“I’m not satisfied with the recent decision,” FalleN said.

“Last weeks have been tough and challenging and that is why I’m asking to leave the active roster while I think on my next steps.

“This time will be necessary to find my essence and return the peace I need to decide my path, while I accomplish my contractual obligations. The only thing I’m sure is this isn’t where the game ends for me.”

Now it looks like FalleN is ramping up his return to competitive CS:GO with two lineups; one that would tout an all-Brazilian lineup that would coincide with his M.O. and another one that could see him injected into the European scene.

Roque Marques via Twitter
FalleN indicated that the leak was real but no decision had been made.

He indicated that everything is still in the air, but the all Brazlilian team included himself, fer, boltz, Marcelo ‘chelo’ Cespedes, and Bruno ‘shz’ Martinelli with Alessandro ‘Apoka’ Marcucci as a coach.

The other possibility on paper, so to say, has FalleN and fer along with Godsent’s Martin ‘STYKO’ Styk, Jesse ‘zehN’ Linjala, as well as Pavle ‘maden’ Bošković. Mad Lions coach Luis ‘peacemaker’ Tadeu was linked to both possible teams.

FalleN indicated that he’s very much in the planning phase for his next team, but he’s not short of ideas for a possible 5-man team to run.