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Former OpTic CoD Player Karma Shows His Transferable Skills with CS:GO and Rainbow Six Clutches

Published: 17/May/2018 12:55 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:54

by Calum Patterson


Recently stepping down from the competitive Call of Duty roster for OpTic Gaming, Damon “Karma” Barlow has been streaming daily, and proving that his skills are not limited to CoD.

Karma of course had one of the most storied careers in Call of Duty, but it came to an abrupt end after the team struggled in the early part of the 2018 season.

Despite having offers from other teams, Karma decided to take a break from the pressures and struggles of competing, and focus on his personal brand and streaming.

Many fans knew what to expect, as Karma had been an intermittent streamer throughout his time as a professional player, and he has proven in the past that he can more than hold his own in other games too.

Some may have seen this crazy clip on CS:GO, just shortly after his announcement that he would take a break from competing.

Proving that he is no slouch with either controller or keyboard and mouse, he puts down four enemies in quick succession with some precise USP shots.

And he didn’t stop there, as he recently purchased Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and with very little experience on the game, proved he is simply talented at video games.

Left in a tough 1v5 spot, Karma takes down most of the team with rapid accuracy, before playing the final 1v1 with the kind of shrewdness fans have come to expect in his CoD career.

He also apparently clutched another 1v5 – or would have, if it wasn’t for a pesky claymore ruining the final kill.

Karma is clearly putting all of his efforts into his stream, and can be found playing a variety of games, from Rust to Fortnite.

You can watch Karma live on his channel, or follow him on Twitter for updates.


BLAST announces new measures to prevent CSGO coaches from cheating

Published: 26/Oct/2020 19:58 Updated: 26/Oct/2020 20:22

by Marco Rizzo


BLAST has introduced new changes to their rulebook in order to prevent CSGO coaches from cheating in the upcoming BLAST Premier Fall Series tournament.

This comes directly as a result of the coaching bug scandal which hit the CSGO scene late in the summer after an ESIC found over 30 coaches who abused the exploit.

New rules include the necessity for all coaches to stream their perspective to a Discord channel as well as making it compulsory for all coaches to install and maintain MOss Anti-cheat active during all games.

Robert Mulgan, Esports Operations Manager at BLAST, communicated the changes to the public on twitter.

“Although this isn’t a perfect system, it’s a fantastic step forward in improving the integrity of online games, and will give us more evidence if we need to review cases!” Mulgan wrote.

The changes should prevent coaches from making use of any glitches present in the game or utilizing cheats as their perspective will be under constant supervision.

While this could partially hinder coaches from potentially opening an official stream and see the enemy’s position in a practice called “stream sniping,” individuals would still be able to do so using another device.

The MOss Anti-cheat is a software that constantly monitors the user’s PC, taking random screenshots and reporting any prohibited activities such as the use of macros. It has been active since 2010.

Blast premier csgo
New rules at the BLAST Premier Fall Series will try to combat any potential coaching issues.

While Valve patched the spectator bug soon after it became public, it was revealed that it had been present since at least 2016.

Use of the bug compromised several matches, including qualifiers for the major and resulted in several teams having their Regional Major Ranking points removed.

The coaching exploit scandal affected the entire CSGO scene and the initiative taken by BLAST, while not perfect, is the TO’s next step in combating the issue. These new rules will try to help prevent any further incidents throughout the BLAST Premier Fall Series.