CS:GO: Woxic stuns fans with incredible 1v4 clutch vs Team Liquid - Dexerto

CS:GO: Woxic stuns fans with incredible 1v4 clutch vs Team Liquid

Published: 23/Jun/2019 10:45 Updated: 23/Jun/2019 11:06

by Joe Craven


Turkish CS:GO professional Özgür “woxic” Eker stunned viewers with an insane clutch against Team Liquid, while playing at the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals.

After G2 cruised past NRG, Team Liquid came up against German organization Mousesports in the second semi-final, in a match they would eventually take 16-8, 19-17. 

Despite their eventual victory, Team Liquid were made to sweat as Woxic stepped up at 15-13 down, clutching an incredible 2v4 situation with an audacious bomb defuse.

ESLThe winners of the Season 9 Grand Final will take home $250,000, while second place wins $80,000.

Woxic and ChrisJ were left on their own after Frozen, Karrigan and Ropz were all killed quickly. Woxic then took NAF out with the AWP, before giving Twistzz the same treatment, forcing the 2v2.

However, ChrisJ was eliminated without having an impact, leaving Woxic in a seemingly impossible situation; outnumbered in a 2v1, with a bomb to defuse.

As Twitch viewers spammed ‘EZ’ and ‘GGs’, Woxic snapped onto EliGE to make it a 1v1. He then smoked the bomb, and successfully defused as Team Liquid’s nitr0 failed to hit his spray through the smoke, finishing off an incredible clutch and keeping mouz in the game.

The staggering moment was emphasized as Mousesports fans and coach, Allan “Rejin” Petersen, jumped around in disbelief at what Woxic had just pulled off.

Despite the fact they weren’t able to complete the comeback and take the map off Team Liquid, Woxic reinforced his standing as a future star of the CS:GO scene, as he is currently just 20 years old.

As Mousesports were ultimately sent home packing, Team Liquid are looking to secure another tournament victory, to add to their IEM Sydney and DreamHack Dallas crowns.

The grand final of ESL Pro League Season 9 will see Team Liquid face G2 for the $250,000 prize, as two months of intense competition reach their culmination. The finals are live, starting at 9am CT (3pm BST) on Sunday, June 23.


Why JKS is the perfect fit for blameF’s Complexity | Richard Lewis

Published: 30/Oct/2020 11:22

by Daniel Cleary


Following 100 Thieves’ departure from Counter-Strike and after weeks of speculation about the former roster, Justin ‘JKS’ Savage finally confirmed his next step in a move to Complexity’s Juggernaut lineup, alongside captain Benjamin ‘blameF’ Bremer.

Richard Lewis breaks down this roster move in his latest video for Dexerto and takes a look at why the signing of JKS could be exactly what this Complexity lineup needs to improve.

Replacing young CS:GO star Owen ‘oBo’ Schlatter, who wanted to return to North America to compete, Savage will have a big role to play on his new team.

With consistent fragging abilities and after coming back off multiple top-two finishes in his final run with 100 Thieves, including a finals appearance in the ESL Pro League, Richard Lewis also highlighted just how much potential the Australian pro has to work with.

However, as BLAST Premier Fall is now underway, JKS will be looking to replicate those performances once again and help this Juggernaut roster, led by blameF, to find more success in the coming months.