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CS:GO: Team Liquid take down FaZe to win BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles – Final Placements

Published: 14/Jul/2019 16:57 Updated: 15/Jul/2019 8:04

by Calum Patterson


The BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles CS:GO tournament has come to a close, with Team Liquid securing the first place prize over FaZe Clan to continue their impressive run of form.

Six of the best global CS:GO teams made the trip to the city of angels for yet another BLAST event – the fourth of 2019 – with a $250,000 prize pool on the line.

The tournament was all set for a Team Liquid victory though, as the only teams capable of really giving them a challenge in previous events were not in attendance.

ESLLiquid were looking to add yet another tournament win to their dominant 2019 run.

MiBR were one to watch, as it was their first event with Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David sitting on the bench, while team coach Wilton ‘zews’ Prado filled his spot.

FaZe Clan were similarly out to prove a point, and started well with wins over NRG and Renegades, and despite a trouncing at the hands of Liquid and a narrow defeat to the new Cloud9 lineup, bounced back vs a weakened MiBR to secure 2nd in the group stage.

Cloud9 also snuck in to the semi-final thanks to that victory over FaZe Clan, but with Liquid to face next it would be a near impossible task to reach their first final since the ELEAGUE invitational in January.

Team Liquid continued their imperious form at BLAST Los Angeles.

Cloud9, despite only playing together for two weeks, actually put up a valiant effort against Liquid in the first semi-final, battling back from a 13-2 deficit on the second map, Inferno, to 14-12, but Liquid eventually put them away, avoiding overtime, winning the series 2-0.

For the privilige of facing the number one team in the grand final, FaZe Clan would have to see off a formidable NRG lineup, who they had already beaten 16-9 earlier in the tournament. They made relatively light work of their North American opponents on Train, winning 16-7, and although NRG showed flashes of brilliance on map two, Nuke, it wasn’t enough to stop FaZe securing a 16-11 win to close out the series.

The final was another convincing affair for the world number one, taking Nuke 16-13 to open the series with a win before cruising to a 16-6 victory on Inferno to claim the series and the trophy. Team Liquid’s run of dominance continues, securing their fourth consecutive title without dropping a single map in Los Angeles.

BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles – Final Placements

Place Team Prize BPS Points
1st Team Liquid $125,000 10
2nd FaZe Clan $50,000 8
3rd NRG $25,000 6
4th Cloud9 $15,000 4
5th MiBR $10,000 2
6th Renegades $5,000 0

Exclusive interview: GeT RiGhT announces Twitch switch from CSGO

Published: 16/Jan/2021 15:00 Updated: 16/Jan/2021 15:03

by Lauren Bergin


Christopher ‘GeT_RiGhT’ Alesund has announced his departure from professional Counter-Strike, as he moves to Twitch streaming full-time. 

2021 has just got started and Sweden are already stealing the show. Just days after PGL announced the Stockholm Major, GeT_RiGhT has decided to call time on his legendary competitive career.

During an exclusive interview with Dexerto, the 30-year-old discusses the career highs and lows, his battle with Crohn’s disease and what the future holds for the Swedish titan.

GeT_RiGhT interview

GeT_RiGhT & f0rest: End of an era

f0rest and GeT_RiGhT hugging
Twitter: Betwayesports
Counter-Strike’s dynamic duo is no more.

The Swede has a CS legacy like no other, but an integral part of those wins and losses was his partnership with countryman Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg. The two share a long list of tournament wins together, including the coveted Major.

The two Counter-Strike behemoths have played together for over a decade, and it’s clear that the end of this partnership is one of the most emotional aspects of GeT_RiGhT’s retirement.

“It’s been a rollercoaster, but at the same time, it’s been a beautiful ride.” Alesund goes on to describe their partnership as “the biggest highlight” of his career.

CSGO & Crohn’s: A battle worth fighting

Adela Sznajder for ESL
GeT_RiGhT’s battle with Crohn’s is a perplexing one.

It may shock a lot of people, but GeT RiGhT describes living with the disease as being “one of the best things that ever happened” to him, as well as one of the worst ones.

He describes his lifelong battle with the stomach pain that accompanies the illness, but goes on to explain that he’s thankful, as the official diagnosis brought with it a sense of both physical and mental relief.

In terms of playing CS, however, he describes it as “horrible.” The associated pain, alongside weight and blood loss meant that focusing on the game became a trial all in its own. After asking himself whether it was worth risking his health, his response shows a mixed bag of emotions. “Yes and no really,” he admitted, as the pro player life and its fandom are always worth it, but the two day bedridden recovery period certainly has left a scar.

GeT_RiGhT: Twitch streaming & beyond

YouTube: GeT_RiGhT
What’s next for GeT_RiGhT? We can’t wait to find out.

It’s important to note that the Swedish legend will not be leaving CS. He sees the game as home, explaining: “I grew up in the scene and I’ll do anything it takes to help it grow.”

While he admits he can’t go into exact details about his future plans, he sees Twitch and content creation as a “competition on another level,” as he explores a plethora of games such as League of Legends and Warzone with more creative freedom.

GeT_RiGhT explored his excitement for Valorant, but clarified that he’s “not going to become a professional Valorant player.” With that said, he does believe that the game “has huge potential to overtake CS:GO” at some point in down the line.

Throughout this entire interview, you get a sense that the Valorant pro (sorry Chris, we had to) is in the best place he’s ever been. We’ll be excited to see where his streaming career takes him, whether it’s Riot’s Future Earth or otherwise. So keep an eye out, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon!