FaZe Rain details why CS:GO team “regrets” dropping Karrigan


FaZe Clan’s CS:GO star Håvard ‘rain‘ Nygaard recently sat down with VPEsports for an interview after their elimination from ESL One Cologne, where he discussed the current state of the team.

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After their loss at ESL One Cologne, rain had a few things to say about the current state of FaZe’s CS:GO team, as well as addressing their feelings regarding Finn ‘Karrigan’ Andersen being cut from their roster. 

In a brutally honest answer, the esports pro revealed that the team regretted their decision, and said they never should have kicked him off the squad.

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“Not the best idea by far”

“But now everyone regrets it. Of course we do. Maybe not right now, but the month after when we got AdreN everybody started to regret it, cause we didn’t have an IGL for five months.” he said. 

“Everybody was like “Fuck, we kicked our in-game leader without having an in-game leader to take over”. Not the best idea by far.”

FaZe ClanFaZe regrets dropping Karrigan.
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In a cruel twist of fate, the very team FaZe lost to in Cologne was none other than Karrigan’s new team mousesports. They went on to beat them 2 to 0 on the Inferno and Mirage maps. 

When asked how what the mood was after their loss, rain said: “After we lost emotions were pretty low. This is the only event of the year I really care about. Just playing here in front of the crowd is something special. It feels even more like the Major.”

ESLrain and Karrigan remain on friendly terms.
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rain and Karrigan are still friends

Fans don’t need to worry about conflict between the pair though: rain said that him and Karrigan were still good friends, and that there are no hard feelings between them except a friendly rivalry. 

He even talked about the possibility of them one day playing together again, which would be great to see. Fingers crossed.

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Rain also spoke about the team’s dynamics, and how he feels they aren’t currently on the same page. The team had a shakeup this year, after legendary Counter-Strike player Filip ‘NEO’ Kubski replaced Dauren ‘AdreN’ Kystaubayev – who had only just signed to FaZe months earlier. 

The CS:GO pro said that despite NEO initially trying to form a new playstyle for the team, they settled to play the way they did with AdreN, and that their lack of In Game Leader was ultimately what harmed them the most.

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After the loss, rain said the team needs a vacation, and that he has plans to go to Bali with his girlfriend. Hopefully the time off gives the squad the rest they need to make an epic comeback.