CSGO: Stewie2K pulls off insane 1v4 ace clutch at StarLadder Major bootcamp

Connor Bennett

Counter-Strike Global Offensive star Jake ‘Stewie2k’ Yip pulled off a stunning clutch to pick up a win for his FPL team including a jaw-dropping falling one-tap. 

As the competitive CS:GO scene gears up for the StarLadder Berlin Major, teams from across the world have descended on Europe to get in some practice ahead of the showpiece event. Some squads have already begun their Major run at the challenger’s stage, but others, like Stewie’s Team Liquid are waiting for the later rounds.

While this gives teams extra time to get their strategies set and counter-plays in place, it also hands players a few extra days to perfect their aim and get their confidence levels up while playing games against potential opponents. 

Team LiquidStewie and Team Liquid are favorites to lift the trophy in Berlin.

That extra prep usually comes in the form of Faceit Pro League games, and with the Major coming to town, these lobbies are stacked with veteran professional talent. During his August 23 stream, Stewie had been taking part in a match on Mirage when his team looked to close things down.

Despite getting the bomb down and him picking up an opening kill, the American’s teammates fell by the wayside – leaving him in a four versus one. Upon exiting the Mirage apartments, he quickly gunned down one enemy before falling off the ledge and hitting Gambit’s ‘Mir’ with a crisp one-tap. 

Another opponent quickly peeked him, looking to get some great timing, but Stewie kept his aim down sights and got rid of them too. 

When left in a one-on-one, the former Major winner set his crosshair over the planted bomb, waiting for any potential defuse attempt. He didn’t wait long, however, jiggling to his right and hitting Fnatic’s Twist with a clean headshot as he appeared behind the smoke. 

In celebration, Stewie jumped up and roared “What’s up!” clearly delighted by his clutch.

With Liquid entering the Major as the overwhelming favorites, their legion of fans will be hoping the North American powerhouse can replicate their stunning form and finally claim a Major title.

Whether or not they will be able to do so remains to be seen, but at the very least, Stewie looks set and ready to go.