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CSGO pro interrupted by shirtless Dad during Major qualifiers

Published: 24/May/2021 11:45

by Jacob Hale


Online tournaments can always bring about some weird and wacky scenarios, but this CS:GO pro was interrupted by his shirtless father while trying to clutch up for his team during a Major qualifier.

The past year has definitely caused some major changes to esports, mostly due to the loss of LAN events and everything being moved online.

While LAN has started to crop up again, with Valorant and League of Legends tournaments heading to Iceland, this isn’t an option for most esports and tournaments at the time of this incident.

So, playing at the Beyond the Summit CSGO event and fighting for some all-important RMR points, fans were treated to a very exclusive look behind the scenes of one player’s slightly unique perspective while trying to qualify for the PGL Major Stockholm.


PGL Major Stockholm 2021
Spongey and co. were trying to earn some RMR points to hopefully qualify for the Stockholm Major.

Every gamer the world over knows the pain of being distracted while trying to play, no matter what game it is. Not many, though, know that pain when there’s some serious cash up for grabs.

At the Beyond the Summit event on May 23, while playing for Bad News Bears against the serious CS talent on Extremum, Gabe ‘Spongey’ Greiner got an unexpected visit from his father in true Dad fashion.

In the second round of their opening match against Extremum, Spongey is chasing down the final kill when someone — presumably his Dad — walks in, without a shirt, Dad-bod on show, and not a care in the world.


The casters absolutely loved it, joking that they “might see a timeout” and faux-whining to “Get out of my room, Dad!”

Spongey himself didn’t look too entertained, but it’s fair to say that everyone watching the broadcast was.

Bad News Bears ended up losing in two very tight maps to Extremum, but it probably wouldn’t be fair to pin that on Spongey’s dad.