When does CSGO’s Operation Shattered Web end? New update confirms date


Four months on from its release, CS:GO’s Operation Shattered Web is in its final days, with Valve confirming the event will be finished by the end of March.

After waiting over 900 days for Operation Shattered Web, CS:GO players will finally have to bid the expansion farewell at the end of March 2020.

Valve confirmed Shattered Web will be wrapping up after 19 weeks of play, although you still have a couple more weeks if you haven’t completed all your missions.

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You have until March 30 to grind for the 100-mission Operation Shattered Web Diamond Coin.

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In the March 3 CS:GO update, the game’s developers stated Operation Shattered Web will be finishing on March 30. “Players have until March 30 to play missions, earn progress, and redeem Operation rewards.”

While the operation is ending at the end of the month, today’s update shipped the final set of missions available to players. This will give players two weeks to play catch-up and finish any missions they are yet to complete.

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If you have been diligent in completing every mission in the Operation, you’ll be rewarded this week, with Diamond Operation Coins being sent to players from March 3 onwards.

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Operation Shattered Web brought a breath of fresh life into Valve’s hallmark FPS title as Global Offensive approaches 10 years. Four new weapon collections were released, alongside agent skins for your characters, and a new battle pass.

It was the biggest drop of content CS:GO had seen in years, at least since the Danger Zone release at the end of 2018, and the first operation since Operation Hydra in May 2017.

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Players are now hoping that the gap between Shattered Web and the next operation isn’t as long as the last one, and with the release of Valorant ⁠— Riot Games’ competitor to CS:GO ⁠— being imminent, Valve will be looking to retain as many players as they can.

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The March 3 update wasn’t big outside of the Operation Shattered Web announcement. The Vertigo server lag exploit was patched out, while a band-aid fix for stuttering issues reported by players was also deployed.

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So, if you want to grind out those final few missions and get your hands on those sleek Operation Coins, among other rewards, be sure to log into CS:GO before March 30 and finish off your Shattered Web pass.