CSGO players reporting game-breaking ‘stutters’ following latest updates

. 2 years ago

The CS:GO community is reporting recurring instances of stutters throughout the game, making it “practically unplayable” in certain situations.

It remains unknown what the cause of the frame issues are but players have been noticing the quirk since the February updates. The problem causes CSGO to sputter at random times with no known correlation to low-end hardware.

People with specs ranging from Intel Core i9-9900K processors to higher-end AMD Ryzen chips, and even top tier GPUs are still reporting the issue in modes including Matchmaking, Deathmatch, and more.

The CSGO frame issues are making engagements hard to play.

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Reddit user ‘Kamekou’ showed how the frames can appear to freeze seemingly at random. Whether they’re finishing a kill or trying to get a spray to connect at long-range, the stutters create a disorienting effect.

“Is it normal to have these ‘micro stutters’ when I just start up the game or just join in a retake or DM server?” Kamekou said, explaining the problem they’ve been encountering.

Their gameplay clip even showed them barely missing an alignment immediately after one of these stutters appeared.

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For others, the problem showed up at the worst times, making it difficult to play the first-person shooter that relies so much on pinpoint accuracy.

“The game keeps stuttering which makes it practically unplayable at certain situations when you have to aim at the enemy,” user ‘Gergalro’ said. “The screen stutters for like a millisecond and then back to usual.”

Certain players have been finding correlations with the issue that could give some clues on a temporary fix by encountering all of the character models in the game.

via Reddit
More players in the CSGO community are encountering the frame stutters.

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“It seems to be player model related,” user ‘poppelicious’ said. “Every new model you encounter causes a stutter. That’s why it stops happening after a minute or so when everyone’s loaded, then it occasionally happens when you encounter new players that joined the server.”

It’s not a confirmed fix, but some have had levels of success dealing with the frame issues by making sure to get first contact on everyone in the server.

CS:GO is heavily reliant on stable frames making this something that Valve will be sure to fix as soon as they can.

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