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CSGO May 11 update improves grenades, fixes “pure server” issues

Published: 12/May/2020 2:10

by Andrew Amos


CS:GO has released an update on May 11 targeting grenades and server performance. Grenades will no longer block you from picking up weapons and will detonate more reliably, while the “pure server” issue of last patch is no more.

The latest update to Valve’s premier FPS title has fixed some problems that arose in last week’s patch. Constantly getting kicked off servers due to a “pure server” issue? That won’t happen anymore.

On top of that, grenades have received a massive quality of life change. They’ll interact more reliably when laying on the ground, and when exploding on uneven terrain.


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Grenades are now more reliable

Grenades have always been a bit weird in CS:GO, especially high explosive nades. When exploding on some terrain, it would do seemingly no damage, while it would clip on other surfaces in a weird way.

That’s all being fixed with this update. According to the patch notes, “explosive grenade damage around small obstacles such as stairs will now apply damage to players more reliably.”

On top of that, grenades will no longer block players from picking up weapons on the ground using the +use command.

CS:GO HE Grenade
HE Grenades will now interact more reliably with terrain.

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“Pure server” disconnect issue solved

The last CS:GO update made official servers more secure ⁠— perhaps, a bit too secure. There were changes to how servers read players’ individual game files to try and crack down on players exploiting certain elements of the game.


However, the changes led to thousands of players being blocked from matchmaking. They would instantly be kicked, and would receive competitive cooldowns.

This has been patched out on May 11’s update. Instead of blocking players from servers, servers will instead ignore “third-party files” on players’ computers when launching the game. If you’re a modder, this will be welcome news to you.

If you were experiencing pure server issues after last patch, you shouldn’t now.

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No updates were pushed to weapons or maps in the latest patch. There were, however, some smaller changes to hostages not being able to block Flashbangs, and improved weapon animations in the buy screen.

You can find the full CS:GO May 11 patch notes below:


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CSGO May 11 update notes


  • Improved reliability of picking up weapons with +use when nearby dropped grenades are present.
  • Explosive grenade damage around small obstacles such as stairs will now apply damage to players more reliably.
  • Hostages will no longer obscure flashbang traces, allowing players behind them to be blinded.
  • Players that start the round with a taser and no pistol no longer have their taser deleted, and rechargeable tasers are now recharged at round start.
  • Fixed Danger Zone piloted drone self-destruct timer resetting due to zone damage or repeated player input.

Pure Servers

  • Added a setting sv_pure_allow_loose_file_loads for game servers to control whether third-party files can be loaded by clients. Users are allowed to have third-party files on disk, but the files will be ignored when playing on such pure game servers. If users already loaded third-party files into game memory, then their game client must be restarted in order to connect to such pure game servers.
  • Added a setting sv_pure_allow_missing_files for game servers to control what happens to clients that load files missing on the game server. When disabled, if a connected player loaded third-party files into game memory that game server is missing, the player will be kicked.
  • Added a message explaining to the client which file mismatched the pure server configuration and caused a user disconnect.


  • Improved loadout animations in buy menu for several agents and weapon combinations.
  • Fixed certain game instructor hints displaying incorrect key bindings in certain languages (e.g. “sfrutteranno” in Italian).
  • Added a setting con_allownotify to allow hiding top-right corner notifications if “Overflowed CClientRenderablesList” notification appears in 21:9 resolutions.