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CSGO June 1 patch fixes major grenade damage bug

Published: 2/Jun/2020 8:15

by Andrew Amos


CS:GO received a patch on June 1, but it wasn’t for Source 2. It did, however, fix a major bug that was introduced in a recent patch that changed grenade collision, which led to the throwables doing more damage than intended.

Grenades were updated in a major patch on May 11 that made them a bit more reliable. They didn’t block you from picking up weapons anymore, and generally they clipped around terrain a bit better.

They followed this up with a smaller patch on May 27, which fixed phasing issues with grenades going through doors, and also players getting stuck on them while they were on the ground.


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However, as with most bugs in gaming, as one issue was squashed, a dozen more popped up. The grenades were bouncing around better, and interacted with terrain as expected, however they didn’t interact with players with the same niceties.

what is this bug? the smoke hit my friend for 18 health from r/GlobalOffensive

Grenades were doing tons of damage on collision thanks to the phasing bug fix. If a grenade dropped at a player’s feet, it would repeatedly do damage until it settled down, turning a three HP hit to 15, 20, or sometimes even more.

Thankfully, on June 1, this issue was patched out. In the only note attached to the patch, “grenades can no longer apply impact damage more than once.”


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This means that you will only be tagged for three health after getting hit by a grenade before it deploys. This is how it was intended, so you won’t need to worry about taking 18 damage from a smoke grenade, or having your decoy fight back for a Glock shot’s worth of HP.

It’s only a small 5MB patch, but it helps fix a major bug that was plaguing CS:GO over the last few days. While it was a rare occurrence to hit someone with a grenade on the body, it had drastic impacts on how some rounds played out.

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If you were looking for any news about Source 2, sadly you’re out of luck. Valve haven’t released anything related to the updated engine yet, so it’s still a waiting game as to when it’ll come out.

It’s expected that Source 2 will be released soon, given initial dates penned in the engine update for mid-May. There’s also been pointers towards what we should expect from the patch. It shouldn’t change the game too drastically right now, but it’ll help improve CS:GO in the long run.

CSGO June 1 Patch notes


  • Grenades can no longer apply impact damage more than once.