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CS:GO Twitch streamer forgets to disable weapon and bomb cheats

Published: 1/Jul/2019 14:37 Updated: 1/Jul/2019 15:00

by Joe O'Brien


A Twitch streamer was caught red-handed after forgetting to turn off cheats while streaming CS:GO.

While watching Twitch streamer Geezoria playing CS:GO, viewers noticed something wasn’t quite right about his game.

Specifically, weapons on the ground and the bomb appeared to be glowing, with a coloured outline indicating where they were that could be seen through the walls on Cache.

While it may not be quite so severe as some of the hacks and cheats that can be used in CS:GO, such as aim-bots or outright wallhacks that allow you to see enemies through the walls, but nevertheless it does definitely appear to be a use of third-party software to gain an unfair advantage in the game.


This isn’t the only time Geezoria has been connected to cheats, however, as his YouTube channel also features videos of him trying out more powerful hacks in CS:GO, which allowed him to see enemy outlines, health, and other information through walls.

If you’re streaming a multiplayer game on Twitch, the broadcasting platform’s community guidelines state that you have to conform to the game’s rules. As a result, getting caught using a cheat or hack like this in a competitive game can have consequences for your Twitch channel even if you manage to get away with it in the game itself.


So far, Geezoria doesn’t seem to have suffered any punishment on his Twitch account, which at the time of writing remains active. The clips have been deleted from his channel, but not before they were saved by viewers on alternative platforms.

This certainly isn’t the first time that a player has been caught using hacks in CS:GO while streaming. In May, another streamer was banned on Twitch after bringing up a cheat menu in-game, and perhaps the most notorious incident occurred in June 2017 when a streamer was caught using cheats and blamed it on her friend ‘Clara’.


While Geezoria seems to have evaded punishment so far, it remains to be seen whether his Twitch account will survive for much longer.