CSGO players with six-figure skin collections being banned amid Steam crackdown

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CSGO players with skin collections worth up to six figures are being banned amid Steam’s crackdown on scam skin trading. 

A staple of CSGO since its Arms Deal update in 2013, skins and case openings have been the subject of controversy, investments, and a point of pride for many collectors on the market. However, skins traders and collectors could be banned due to Steam’s recent crackdown. 

For as long as CSGO skins have been valuable, there will be people who will try to scam you out of it. And a common point of contact between skin owners and scammers has been through profile comments on Steam. It’s here where a scammer could reach out to you to enquire about your skins. 

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Lately, Steam has been cracking down on these particular scams. However, it seems a method in which they have been moderating it is by restricting accounts that comment “suspicious” content on the profiles of others. 

A skin trader, and developer of the CSGO Trader Extension tool, Gergely Szabo, wrote on Twitter that he was banned on Steam a few minutes after commenting on a person’s profile page while trying to trade a skin. 

The comment reads, “I bought your M9 on gamerpay, your trade link is broken, please fix.” The fairly innocuous comment about a trade resulted in a ban on his account with an inventory worth $457,000.

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The ban is a community ban. Meaning users cannot trade items, buy from the market, make changes to the account, or play on VAC-secured servers.

However, he did get unbanned just a day later after by reaching out to Steam Support about the ban. So there is hope for any accounts wrongfully caught in the ban wave. 

Anyone hit with this community ban for commenting on profiles simply needs to reach out to Steam support to have the ban lifted.

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Other CSGO skin traders also replied to his tweet with their own accounts of being banned after sending similar comments on profiles about trading. However, much like the original case, many others also had their accounts unbanned after reaching out for help.

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