CSGO code found in Dota 2 hints at smoke grenade fix in Source 2 port - Dexerto

CSGO code found in Dota 2 hints at smoke grenade fix in Source 2 port

Published: 26/May/2020 3:53

by Andrew Amos


A long-awaited fix to the smoke grenade outline bug could be on its way to CS:GO after the Source 2 port, after strings of updated grenade particles were found in a recent Dota 2 update.

Source 2 is coming to CS:GO soon. The new engine is set to modernize the almost-decade-old FPS title, and help improve the game in the long run.

Players shouldn’t expect a drastic change from the Counter-Strike they know and love. However, it should iron out some kinks and, most notably, there’s reason to believe a major bug with smoke grenades is going to be left in Source 1.


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The code shows some new lighting and particle effects for CS:GO being added in the recent Dota 2 Battle Pass update. The four string they uncovered are as follows:

  • “csgo_show_indexed_light_indices”
  • “csgo_show_lod_origin”
  • “csgo_show_nonfogging_cached_lights”
  • “csgo_single_light_fast_path_sun_cascade_vignette”

All of these point towards possibly fixing some of CS:GO’s lighting issues, as well as implementing an entirely new system for shadows. However, dataminers like ‘wickedplayer494’ have told players to be somewhat skeptical of the ‘new’ commands.

“It’s more likely that these were systems adapted from CS:GO itself forward into Source 2 versions in Dota 2,” they said on Twitter.

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There were also some changes to grenade particles. New effects were added for all grenades ⁠— from molotovs to smokes.


This has gotten the community’s hopes up for a possible fix to a long-standing bug with smoke grenades in CS:GO. In some occasions where you are standing on the edge of the smoke, you can see the outline of enemies in the smoke.

This makes for an easy kill, and there’s nothing much the enemy can do about it. While the source of the bug is unknown ⁠— it could be lighting, or the smokes themselves ⁠— a new particle update could squash it for good.

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However, what it will entail remains a mystery until it actually gets ported into CS:GO. While there’s no set date for the Source 2 engine port, it’s expected to be in the coming weeks, or even days.


Players shouldn’t expect the game to completely shift on its head right when it drops. However, in the long run, it’ll make CS:GO a lot nicer to play.