CSGO caster Machine roasts “whiteboard” Twitch streamers

. 3 years ago
FACEIT TV (Twitch).

Counter-Strike casting pair, Alex ‘Machine’ Richardson and Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer mocked “whiteboard” Twitch subscriptions while plugging the Premium Pass for the ECS Season 8 Finals.

Both Machine and HenryG are casting veterans within the Counter-Strike scene. Richardson has flirted between the analyst desk and casting, which provides for some unique ad-lib commentary. 

While Greer has long been a staple name within CS:GO, which was recently recognized as he picked up Esports Caster of the Year at the Esports Awards. Given the pair’s array of talents, they often bounce off each other — producing some content both in and out of the server.

Machine’s transition back into casting was aptly timed, since HenryG and Matthew ‘Sadokist’ Trivett full-time casting duoship came to a halt back in August. 

HenryG and Sadokist were a casting duo synonymous with big CSGO moments.

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Ever since, the British pair have frequently casted together. Most recently, the pair were bouncing off one another at the FACEIT ECS Season 8 Finals, in Arlington, Texas.

While transitioning to Fnatic vs. MIBR’s second map, the pair provided a shrewd plug for ECS’ Premium Pass. HenryG prompted: “What would be the most exciting way to actually spectate this game if you were going to?”

After explaining the benefits of the Premium Pass for the cost of a “normal Twitch subscription” Machine jested: “So instead of just putting money in the pocket of someone who puts your name on a whiteboard, you can put your money where your mouth is…”

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Continuing with Richardson’s play on words, Greer asked: “What happens with the whiteboard?” Machine then responded: “Well, what happens is if you press subscribe, your name gets written on a whiteboard…”

“I know exactly who you mean. It’s nice to see your name up in lights on the big screen!” HenryG joked. “Small price to pay,” Machine added, before bringing it to a close. “Or ridiculous price to pay, depending on your perspective.”

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Although the pair perhaps poking fun at certain Twitch streamers, there seemed to be no malice intended with the skit, especially as no specific names were mentioned. 

The ECS Season 8 Finals appear evenly poised, as the playoff bracket will see the current top four teams in the world lock horns in Arlington.

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