CSGO August 16 patch adds 10th Birthday Sticker Capsule, Tuscan map, more

Brad Norton
CSGO 10th Birthday cupcake

For the 10th birthday of CSGO, Valve has shipped a new August 16 update packed with a new Sticker Capsule to celebrate the occasion, along with a few new features and limited-time items.

A decade ago Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rolled out and forever changed the competitive FPS landscape. Now, to celebrate this milestone Valve has released a small update to mark the 10th birthday.

Highlighting the patch is a new Sticker Capsule filled to the brim with 60 designs from the community along with the revival of Tuscan, and of course, a limited-time birthday coin for players to add to their collection.

Here’s all there is to know about CSGO’s 10th birthday update.

CSGO celebrates 10 years with new Sticker Capsule

In recent weeks designers have been trying their hand at unique 10th-anniversary stickers to celebrate CSGO. Thanks to their effort, over 60 unique designs are now available through the 10-Year Birthday Sticker Capsule in-game.

Among the designs is even a new tier of animated reward designated a “Lenticular” quality. As always, these capsules can only be purchased and drops are entirely randomized.

To make things easier, however, devs have added new functionality to the system. Now, you can comb through all items in cases or capsules with a simple click of the new ‘inspect items’ option.

Tuscan map officially joins the rotation

Making its proper arrival on August 16, the Tuscan map has now been added across all regular game modes in CSGO. The classic CS map has been retooled and now functions in all available playlists.

Additionally, Anubis and Breach both now appear in competitive queues, while Primetime and Blagai have been added to Wingman.

CSGO 10th Birthday Coins

Last but not least, players that jump in between August 16 and August 23 can earn an exclusive Birthday Coin. CSGO players with Prime status can level up and secure this limited-time Coin for themselves as their first in-game drop of the week.