CSGO: Aleksib explains how being dropped affected ENCE at StarLadder Berlin Major

Kamil Malinowski
Sami Rabina

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Aleksi ‘Aleksib’ Virolainen how ENCE have been affected by the news of his departure at the StarLadder Berlin Major. 

Aleksib is the in-game leader of ENCE, a Finnish team that rose to fame in early 2019 after a miraculous run in the IEM Katowice Major, taking second place after falling to Astralis, the world’s number one team at the time.

Since then the team performed well, winning BLAST Pro Series Madrid and taking multiple second places. They shocked fans, however, as they announced that Aleksib would be leaving the team after the Major, and the player has now spoken about the matter.

BLASTAleksib was a key part of ENCE’s BLAST Pro Series Madrid win.

It seems that ENCE are preparing for Aleksib’s departure with Aleksi ‘allu’ Jalli taking the in-game leader role, and have already begun transitioning with this event.

When asked if he was still acting as IGL, or if Allu had taken the reigns, the Finn revealed: “It’s like 50/50, we are trying to play with the flow. You saw on T-side I was talking during the force and the first gun round then the rest allu took over. We are just trying to play with a good mindset.”

The ENCE player was also asked about their boot camp, to which he replied: “Just a normal boot camp. We played a lot and my mentality was a bit off at first, but I have good composure now and I can keep it up.”

While many question the move, ENCE’s performance didn’t seem to be particularly affected by it, as they demolished AVANGAR 16-5 to secure a strong start to the StarLadder Berlin Major. They’ll play their next match on August 29, although the opponent has yet to be determined.