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Blast CSGO casters strike over “disgraceful” partnership with NEOM

Published: 6/Aug/2020 7:43

by Andrew Amos


Blast has come under fire for signing a partnership with Saudi-backed “future city” NEOM, with numerous popular CS:GO casters including Harry ‘JustHarry’ Russell, Hugo Byron, and Frankie Ward refusing to work with Blast unless they rescind the deal.

Blast’s partnership with NEOM was described as a “record deal” by CEO Robbie Douek. It included helping the Saudi future-city build an esports academy, and even creating a CS:GO map based on the development.


“This is a record deal for BLAST and testament to our recent growth and standing in the industry right now. We have a strong track record when it comes to producing global events that encompass a leading broadcast product and inspire lovers of esports,” Douek said in a July 28 statement.

However, since penning the deal nearly two weeks ago, the CS:GO community has been in uproar. With their criticisms falling on deaf ears, casters are taking it a step further ⁠— by refusing to appear on Blast broadcasts until the deal is rescinded.


JustHarry, Hugo, Frankie, and Vince Hill are just some of the names who have spoken out against Blast and NEOM. All of them have stated they will not help Blast in any capacity.

“The BLAST x NEOM deal is an opportunity to educate ourselves so that we no longer work with people who would kill our friends,” Frankie said on Twitter. She included a link to a “map of countries that criminalise LGBT people.”

“Blast x NEOM is a disgrace to the Blast brand, an organisation I know is filled with wonderful, talented & loving individuals. The idea that this could be “silenced” through ignoring it is not a standard or precedent that should be set either,” Russell added.


“I join my friends and colleagues in saying that I won’t be working with BLAST while this partnership stands. This isn’t an issue that will simply be forgotten about.”

JustHarry and Hugo casted for Blast during the Pro Series in Moscow last year, while Frankie has frequently appeared as a host and interviewer during the tournament organizer’s events. Vince last appeared on a Blast broadcast in 2017.

The NEOM mega-city development is publicly backed by Saudi Arabia, with the Kingdom providing more than $500 billion in funding for the “future-proof” city. The project aims to attract a million new residents.


NEOM also penned a deal with European League of Legends tournament LEC to feature as a sponsor on the Riot broadcast. However, before the ink even dried on the deal, the community revolted, forcing Riot to overturn the partnership less than 24 hours later.

Froskurinn and Medic casting LEC
Riot Games
LEC casters Froskurinn and Medic (pictured) refused to cast for Riot unless they canceled their own NEOM partnership. Riot did so within 24 hours.

The LEC talent, including Indiana ‘Froskurinn’ Black and Trevor ‘Quickshot’ Henry, also refused to show on the broadcast unless Riot canceled the NEOM partnership.


Blast are yet to comment on the situation. We will update you as more information arises.


The stats that prove kennyS is CSGO’s AWP GOAT

Published: 1/Oct/2020 10:48

by Shane King


Kenny ‘kennyS’ Schrub is arguably Counter-Strike’s greatest AWPer of all-time and is considered one of the game’s most mechanically gifted players in history.

Kenny, has reached heights most aspiring pros could only dream of. But after leading his all-French lineup to their Major win, the sniping sensation has had his fair share of ups and downs.


After his roller-coaster time at Envy, Schrub moved to G2 Esports and this is where everything started falling into place. After taking some time restructuring the French AWPer now finds himself among a roster of players willing to support his unorthodox style of play.

One of the most impressive stats the veteran has is that he holds the record for the most AWP kills of all time with 18,371, with Guardian coming in second with 16,214, and ENCE star Allu is in third with 13,862.


A now rejuvenated Kenny is leading G2’s charge back to the top of CS:GO, but is the AWP GOAT past his sell-by date? Here’s what the stats say.