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Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplayer conjures incredible Seto Kaiba with female twist

Published: 7/May/2020 12:56

by Matt Porter


For many, Yu-Gi-Oh! is one of the most recognizable animes in the world and one fan showed their appreciation for the magical show by showing off their incredible female twist on one of the series’ main characters Seto Kaiba.

The popular anime and manga follow the story of Yugi Mutou, who one day solves the ancient Millennium Puzzle which causes the spirit of an unnamed Pharaoh to inhabit his body. While shy and timid in his regular form, the Pharaoh is brash and brave, and often comes out to battle in the popular Duel Monsters game which has swept the world for years.


Traveling around in an attempt to help the Pharaoh regain his memories, Yugi meets a number of interesting characters along the way, including Seto Kaiba, the head of the multi-national gaming company KaibaCorp, and Yugi’s arch-rival as they both fight to become the greatest Duel Monsters players in the world.

Toei Animation
Kaiba is well known for using the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

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While Kaiba is well-known for his snobbery to other players, and being infuriated by people who use his signature Blue-Eyes White Dragon card against him, the anti-hero remains popular with fans of the anime, largely in part to his disciplined and conscientious nature, and even showed his selfless side throughout the series, on occasion helping Yugi when they shared a common enemy, or even helping save Tea from Marik’s Rare Hunter even though it didn’t benefit him in any way.


It’s no surprise then that Kaiba is a popular character to cosplay as, and ‘ellsnyx’ created her own unique take on the character, showing off her female twist on the incredibly talented dueler which she wore to Katsucon.

Despite the female twist, ellsnyx did a perfect job of creating a look that is instantly recognizable as Kaiba, wearing the same silver jacket complete with red accents on the inside, and covering her forehead with a set of bangs, which look almost identical to the set that the head of KaibaCorp has covering his forehead. She even included the same blue stripes on the sleeves of her black dress, adding to the details that make this a perfect interpretation of Seto.


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Unsurprisingly, Yu-Gi-Oh! fans were very impressed by the look, calling it “awesome,” “superb,” and praising her for the little details she had included that made it instantly clear who she was cosplaying.

The anime remains immensely popular around the world, with the newest series of Yu-Gi-Oh! releasing in Japan on April 4 named ‘Sevens.’