Yaya Han’s My Hero Academia cosplay will leave Midnight fans in awe

Funimation / Instagram: @yayahan

Cosplay legend Yaya Han had My Hero Academia fans going wild when she shared her jaw dropping take on Midnight. The insanely detailed costume is the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming film Heroes: Rising.

My Hero Academia has taken the anime world by storm ever since its 2016 debut. Its story about a high school that trains teenagers with superpowers called ‘quirks’ has connected with millions.

Industry icon Yaya Han shared her mind blowing take on Nemuri Kayama, bringing the seductive teacher to life with incredible accuracy. Her perfect portrayal of the anime heroine has left fans in awe.

Bones / Funimation
My Hero Academia made its anime debut in 2016 and has become a worldwide hit.

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The series centers on U.A High, which is the premiere school for the next generation of young superheroes. The institution is led by pro hero stars such as Midnight who has the ability to put people to sleep with her alluring aroma.

Popular cosplayer Yaya Han uploaded her detailed costume of the teacher on social media to celebrate her upcoming book “Yaya Han’s World of Cosplay.” Collaborating with photographer ‘KameraNinja,’ she struck a pose as the character.

The flirty seductive hero puts her enemies under her spell before unleashing fury on them. Holding her signature whip and dawning her red mask, the talented artist perfectly captured the heroine’s spirit.

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Han has dressed up as the popular anime character before – in September 2019, she uploaded a photo to her Instagram that quickly went viral. The up close shot showed the faithful detail of her outfit.

Re-creating Midnight’s hero costume, the artist nailed her leather choker that’s embedded with red rubies which run down her suit. She also accurately captured her messy short black hair and sky blue eyes – which peer beneath her scarlet mask.

The post was a big hit with fans, and has over 8k likes at the time of writing. Fans gushed over her faithful depiction such as user ‘glam.mode.lashes’ who exclaimed “Nailed it! She’s one of my faves!” Another user ‘kallimacosplay’ praised her and said “You look like you walked straight outta the show.”

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My Hero Academia fans gushed over Yaya Han’s detailed Midnight costume.

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My Hero Academia is currently partway through its fourth season arc. The 2014 manga has exploded in popularity since its anime adaptation by studio Bones, and has become a household name in the genre. 

Those that want to catch up can watch the entire show on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The series is also gearing up for its first feature length film ‘Heroes: Rising’ which hits theaters on February 26.